Splats both ways in Rainmaker (12-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st June 2017 – 7.00 am

Trying to be conscientious about the objective doesn't go too well for me at the start of the battle. To be fair, I don't think flicking over that ledge is a good move for a Carbon Roller. I should remember that. I get lucky not being spotted dropping down the short-cut on my return, and find my opposite inkling by bumping in to him. Bumping in to other inklings goes a bit worse.

I ink some more turf on my way back, and hold my position as an inkling looks to be pushing towards us. A Seeker here and there gets one nice splat, and a second that nearly was the Rainmaker, and as my squidmates return we gain possession of the Rainmaker with some room to breathe. Our carrier makes a good break for it, taking a good lead, and although I don't protect him too well, the double-splat is nice.

I don't see that Splat Bomb until it's a bit late, which is a shame. But I spy the Carbon Roller behind me, after super-jumping to a squidmate in a good position. If only I was that sensible when approaching the Rainmaker, capable of projecting a shockwave of ink quite a distance, with my short-range Carbon Roller. Silly me.

I exercise a little caution as I round a corner, not wanting to rush in to the Rainmaker's blast too soon after the last time, but the Rainmaker is a healthy distance away. My approach brings me just about in to range of an inkling with her back towards me, and I'm glad it takes a couple of flicks to get enough ink over her, because the second fully catches the Rainmaker too, stopping its progress.

A chance encounter with the purple Carbon Roller gets a bit frantic, and I focus a bit too much on splatting them to keep me safe, rather than getting safe, which is what she does. I don't do too badly getting close to the Inkzooka without getting splatted, but her movement bamboozles me, and I am splatted from behind without seeing it coming. So it goes.

A bit of jostling for the Rainmaker has my being in the right place to splat the grabbing purple inkling, and a lucky flick and quick follow-up splats another one incoming. My luck holds as I nearly squid in to a Splat Bomb, but I lose it all when the Carbon Roller pulls out her Inkzooka again. My reactions can't beat that.

Getting behind the purple Rainmaker turns out to be a timely move, and as two inklings splat beneath my Roller I look towards the super-jumping ring for the triple. If only I looked out for the Splat Bomb instead. But we have numbers at the moment, and twenty seconds to go. We just have to defend.

I push up, think about grabbing the Rainmaker to keep it safe, but decide that I'm not the inkling to do that. Instead, I muck up a splatting, and hope that extra time lasts long enough to catch the super-jumping inkling on his way. My squidmates sensibly just want the battle to end, and splat the Rainmaker with distance to spare. Woomy!

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