Lucky super-jump to the Rainmaker (7-5, Tri-slosher)

22nd June 2017 – 7.00 am

Checking my map as I head down the side doesn't see ink coming towards the ramp, so I ignore that area and go towards the Rainmaker. I go past the Rainmaker when I see the Splatterscope on the perch. She spots me, I dodge her shot, she dodges my bucket. I move on sensibly, but as a Splat Bomb comes over the wall, I wait for it to explode and move back. Sure enough, the Splatterscope comes back expecting me not to be there.

I turn my attention the Rainmaker. My squidmates have done well with inking the shield, and I am there to grab the Rainmaker. I think about the high route on the grating, but it looks dangerous, so turn towards the open route. All looks good so far, and I have squidmate support, but a Kraken surprises us from behind.

I track the Rainmaker and its purple support without diving recklessly in to the action, and bag a splat as my squidmate's tag the Rainmaker. I push forwards, hoping to make a push easier, but I'm a bit early. We lose the Rainmaker, the purple team get it, and they do pretty well to stay unsplatted when cornered. They even take the lead from us, which is a pain, but not insurmountable.

Our main hindrance at the moment is that most of the dome is covered in purple ink. I start making a dent in the ink, so to speak, when a charger shot comes from behind me somewhere. I take avoiding action but see no charger, so just slosh ink a bit before moving on to support our current push.

A purple Killer Wail is aimed a bit low, and the Rainmaker blast pushes an inkling in to my path. That charges my Bubbler, and encourages me to pop it and put myself in harm's way, to help the team. I get some turf green and splat an inkling out of the way, helping the Rainmaker to re-take the lead, before being splatted myself. A Killer Wail also helps, and it looks like I'm going to see the Rainmaker dunked on the splat-cam.

The dunking doesn't quite happen before I'm back at base, so I super-jump towards the Rainmaker to bathe in the glory of a knockout victory. The only problem is that the Rainmaker gets splatted after I commit to the super-jump. Super-jumping to a just-splatted Rainmaker generally ends badly, so I steal myself for an inky landing.

Instead of being insta-splatted, my squidmates are on the case. An Inkzooka is active whilst I'm in the air, and a Splash Wall is thrown as I land. I inch backwards to the safety of the Splash Wall, but move forwards again when it's clear we're winning the battle of the Rainmaker's Shield. When it bursts, it should get any close inklings out of the way, and ink the podium, and I want to jump on the opportunity.

As anticipated, the Rainmaker's Shield splats an inkling, inks the podium, and I manage to pick it up and dunk it on the plinth in one smooth motion. What a brilliant finish! Woomy!

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