Needing a bit more range in Rainmaker (16-6, Tri-slosher)

22nd June 2017 – 7.00 pm

That E-litre 3K on the other team makes me take the short-cut over the ramp to see if I can catch her out. I'm easily distracted by another inkling, though, particularly one that doesn't spy me. Following that line gets me an easy splat, and gets me under the laser sight of the E-litre 3K. On top of that, I catch a third inkling going for the Rainmaker behind me. But wait, there were two inklings there! A quad-splat is quite a way to start a battle.

I grab the Rainmaker and head along the grate for another short-cut. The Rainmaker blasts one inkling out of my way, but the other gets some ink out before the Rainmaker hits. I ink some turf on my way back, that route I chose not being great to get support to quickly, but I think squidding straight towards the E-litre 3K whilst Echolocated was perhaps not my smartest choice.

The purple team are moving the Rainmaker. I head to intercede, but a small patch of uninked wall stops me getting to where I want to be. To my credit, I ignore the super-jumping ring in favour of the Rainmaker, until it becomes a threat, at which point I pop my Bubbler with impeccable timing. My squidmates catch the Rainmaker, and I drop down in support, but we've lost the lead. So it goes.

We burst the Rainmaker's Shield and I grab it, looking for the glory, and make a dash over our ramp. The ink path to go up to the grating looks inviting, and I keep running, not wanting to waste time with a blast or two. It does the trick, giving us back the lead, just before the Slosher below me and E-litre 3K ahead bicker over who gets the splat.

Some turf is reclaimed as I move forwards, but the Rainmaker manages to just keep range from my bucket. That pushes her back in to my squidmates, though. We grab the Rainmaker again, and I decide to get some height, but we lose the Rainmaker too quickly for me to make it count. I get caught up in a pointless Slosher combat for too long, and thankfully manage to get back to where the purple team are pushing the Rainmaker in good time, using my Tri-slosher to get a decent mid-air splat.

The mid-air splat looks good, but it makes getting back to the Rainmaker awkward. I make my way through the middle and over the grating, but run in to range problems again. I get a couple of hits in inklings below, but maybe slosh a little early, as I get no splats before all attention is turned towards me. The purple team head over the ramp, and up the wall to go the way I went, and get further. The lead is back with them.

I move forwards and splat the E-litre 3K, with the help of my Bubbler, and look for more inklings, before supporting the Rainmaker more directly. I get a bit ahead of myself, though, and an Echolocator doesn't help. I head back, and once more a small patch of uninked wall slows me down, and I slosh a bit early and lack the range to splat the Rainmaker.

With only thirty seconds left in the battle, we have few opportunities left to us. But we get the Rainmaker in a good spot, and as I push ahead my Bubbler charges. I try to make the most of my Bubbler, absorbing ink and bombs, but although it looks good from my end, the Rainmaker is flanked and splatted. Oh well.

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