A few good splats around the Splat Zones (7-5, Kelp Splat Charger)

23rd June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Me and Slosher have the same idea to start the battle, and although we don't get to the Splat Zone in time to ink it, I hope that inking the way to this perch will pay off later. For now, I try to keep the channels blue, and clear up the occasional Inkstrike. I remember my Sprinkler earlier than I use it too, it just seems a bit pointless whilst most of the turf is blue.

When I finally drop down from the perch, trying to make a more positive difference, I get a splat, but am a bit close to prevent it being mutual. I would say never mind, but by the time I get back to our Splat Zone it's looking a bit patchy. A bit of ink covers that up, but the green team are pushing for our Splat Zone. I also do a bit of pushing, timing a shot on the Kraken just about right to prevent my splatting.

I get a couple of good splats to keep the green team out of our Splat Zone, and although my Splat Charger doesn't quite catch the Slosher, my Killer Wail does. We recover our Splat Zone, but it seems a similar tussle was happening in the green Splat Zone, which is also recovered at about the same time. The score remains tied.

I do my best to keep our Splat Zone free from assault, mostly by inking the direct channel to it. The Heavy Splatling seems intent on an incursion, though, but a bit of jinking sees him coming, and I get the splat to discourage him for now. The Slosher gets the same treatment, but from further away. Nice!

We're still in stalemate, so I try to ink other channels to support my squidmates' attempts to get to the green Splat Zones. But that leaves our Splat Zone a little open. Thankfully, we recover it before the green team starts scoring. That opens up the way for our own assault, and finally both Splat Zones are the same colour, and that colour is blue!

We don't keep both Splat Zones for long, but we have the lead in what has so far been a tight contest. Sadly, things start going a bit awry. Being splatted by the .96 Gal is almost inevitable, and I return to splat the Slosher out of Splat Zone. But missing the Heavy Splatling and having the far channel open for ingress allows the .96 Gal to make a reappearance on my flank.

With our defence a little short, the green team control the Splat Zones, and we are quickly overwhelmed. Had I realised, I would have gone to the perch, instead I am on the ground, so instead try to sneak behind the green team whilst their attention is on us. Unfortunately, one inkling remains behind, and I don't really have the best weapon for what I'm trying to do.

Now I go to the perch, but my aim is just slightly off, and when it looks like I have a bead on an inkling a squidmate super-jumps her head in my way. So it goes. The green team made a successful assault, and held on to the Splat Zones when it mattered.

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