Almost across the bridge in Tower Control (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

26th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can get to the Tower on Hammerhead Bridge pretty quickly as a Carbon roller, but as a Carbon Roller I'm not sure that I should be getting there quickly. Still, that Seeker does a good job, I avoid a Suction Bomb, and we take an early if insignificant lead. That E-litre 3K looks like he'll be a pain though.

The yellow team push back, but are easily forced off the Tower, and we get another go ourselves. With some support, and a mostly useless Seeker Rush, we get almost half-way to the goal. I nearly manage to keep the push going, but even though I splat the inkling in front of me, inky pressure comes in from behind. That's okay, as my squidmates are back on the Tower and keep it moving. That's probably worth super-jumping to!

I land in the middle of a bit of a mess, which isn't particularly surprising. There's a decent tussle for the Tower, and we manage to make the purple ink overcome the yellow for the most part, and by the time most of the inklings on both sides are splatted, I'm still there to keep the push going, and the E-litre 3K is there trying to stop me.

My squidmates come back, super-jumping in, as I position myself nicely to avoid a Suction Bomb's explosion. A yellow inkling tries to hijack the Tower, and is splatted away, but the E-litre 3K finally gets his Burst Bobs working on me. And we were so close to reaching the goal! Still, that's a really good lead that the other team need to overcome.

I'd be more confident about our defence if my first attempt went a bit better. My flick at one inkling mostly hits a wall, I don't manage to splat an inkling hopping on to the Tower, and I am overwhelmed from at least two sides when trying to flick in to get them off from below. We have plenty of time to stop the push, though, and I get back in to the action soon enough.

Maybe I muck up the Seeker throw, and the wall squidding, and slip through a grate, but these are minor trifles. I get back up, splat the yellow vanguard, and move on to clear the Tower, albeit in stages. We stop the yellow inklings from coming back as a team, letting the Tower coast back towards the middle of the bridge, but still they come. I do my bit by using a Seeker Rush to keep the E-litre 3K guessing, then my Ninja Squid t-shirt to get underneath him for a sneaky splat. Nice!

Walking in to the Suction Bomb is less nice, but becoming something of a motif for me. I come back to a bridge with too much yellow ink everywhere, and start rectifying that, whilst my squidmates push the Tower again. I tidy up a bit behind them, and then a bit in front of them. That Seeker did some excellent seeking, and I do my own seeking of the E-litre 3K.

The push comes to and end, but the battle is nearly over too. The yellow team have one last attempt, sending the battle in to extra time, and although my initial tries to clear the Tower are a little sloppy, I hop on and make sure of the splat to retake control of the Tower and end the battle. Woomy!

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