Forward support in Tower Control (9-2, Tri-slosher)

27th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Less forward and more sideways to start with. I kind of saunter over there too, not really rushing, both wanting to build a bit of charge in to my Bubbler and wanting to see if anyone is coming on the teal team. Yes, one is, and a Disruptor catches him nicely. I should use them more often, really.

I round the corner and hear my ink hit something, and get a bit lucky in my turning to get the splat. Another inkling maybe eludes me, I'm not sure, before I'm introduced to the mighty flicking of the Dynamo Roller. I'm tidying up the mess she's made first, then heading right back the way I came, and getting some height.

The Dynamo Roller is a bit more agile than its size would suggest, going here, there, up and along. I get the splat, but not quickly enough, and I feel the force of ink once again. Meanwhile, the Tower mostly stays where it is.

There's a lot of ink to the left of our base, and that is not healthy for us. I gain some height again to slosh away the teal ink, and anticipate the inkling coming up to shoo me away. My plan works better than his. I pause for opportunity, and opportunity drops in to my lap. And as the Tower is now moving in a positive direction, I decide to help it along.

I discourage inklings from coming over the perch, then use a friendly Echolocator to good advantage, splatting an already inky Dynamo Roller, and, instead of heading towards the goal, note that another inkling is threatening the Tower in the other direction. That's another splat. Now to head towards the goal.

One inkling drops in front of me, for a convenient splat, and from there I ink some turf whilst looking for more inklings. The ramp looks clear, with a friendly Inkzooka blasting over it, so I turn back towards the corner, where I get a bit lucky against the Range Blaster. All the while, the Tower trundles forwards, and hits the goal. Woomy!

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