Tenacity in Tower Control (7-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th June 2017 – 7.00 am

The green team push up pretty aggressively to start the battle, and I feel a bit impotent against the two-pronged approach. That isn't helped by a mistimed jump/Seeker throw that does nothing. At least I time my jump in to the Killer Wail a bit better, although it's frustrating to hear my ink hit something a few times and not see a squidy ghost at all.

I round the corner to meet the Tower, but, somehow, the green inklings know where the Tower is going too. I clear one inkling off the Tower, but only by standing on a Splat Bomb, and that green inkling is replaced by two more. I try to forge a path of ink through the green turf, but am foiled by a jumper, which is personally irritating but I was out of my range anyway.

I start to reclaim some turf, knowing that we won't be able to do much if we can't move but they can, and naturally run in to a spot of bother soon enough. In retrospect, sneaking behind the Splash Wall was never going to end well for me, but at least I splat the .52 Gal too.

As I come back, it looks like there's some healthy battling going on, so I take the opportunity to push the Tower forwards. Getting off again seems like a good idea before long, and this time I respect the Splash Wall and somehow manage to extricate myself from the situation, resetting much like the Tower.

Seekers versus Seekers has neither side win, and I don't manage to hop on to the Tower as it decides to head backwards again, but I push forwards to try to relieve some green pressure. I nearly do, but the inkling has good reflexes, and transforms in to a Kraken as my flick hits home. I dunno how I get out of there, but, for a second time, I do. Going back finds the same trouble in different form, and when a new Splash Wall gets thrown in front of me I don't really have an escape route. I don't mind, as I splat two inklings this time.

My squidmates are pushing the Tower as I return, and to keep the push going I dare a super-jump. I land safely, ink the Tower's floor, and have a green Splash Wall work in my favour, as its owner stands too far back to get a good bead on me. Once again, though, the green team know where the Tower is headed, and head around the corner to try to stop me.

I get lucky by squidding in the ink at just the right time and place, and popping up to flick one inkling away gets two instead. Nice! Even better, the Splash Wall is just offset enough to let me ride the Tower through it. And that gives us the lead! Now our confidence is high, we have support, and the green team are perhaps panicking a little.

The Tower keeps moving, me and my squidmates throw ink around. With a splat here and there, and some decent consecutive hops on to the Tower to keep it moving, and we turn the battle around from being under pressure to winning a knockout victory! Woomy!

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