Being a menace in Tower Control (14-5, Tri-slosher)

28th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I wonder if the Bento Splatterscope will be on the obvious perch to start the battle. And I wonder if I can get around to it unscathed. Yep! I hop over the perch to look for inklings in the sea of purple ink, and almost bump in to one. I somehow come out of that encounter okay, but put my trust in my Bubbler.

The Splatterscope comes back, and I know I got a good slosh on her, but she must have been inky already, surely. But it's good to have inklings drop in to my lap occasionally. I wonder what to do next, kinda hoping not to start getting splatted stupidly, and see the Tower. Riding that's probably a good idea. But maybe not with some purple threat heading this way.

I drop down again, and the Splatterscope is back. I don't tempt fate and try to engage her directly, but squid my way around to try to get an advantage. It doesn't quite appear, and I show my hand too early to an alternative target, so head back to the Tower to try that again. A squidmate is up there, though, and I turn my attention back to the perch, splatting the Splatterscope again.

With a charged Bubbler, I feel like I can support the Tower in a forwards position, so head forwards, and up. Sadly, my Bubbler reflexes aren't quite quick enough, particularly when I'm looking in slightly the wrong direction. The Echolocator encourages me to ink turf on my return. It drops when the Tower starts coming towards me, but my sloshing doesn't quite bend around the Tower's column. At least I splat one inkling before I'm overwhelmed.

Back around the side, where much of my ink remains untouched. That lets me get in to a good position to see an inkling come straight towards me. That's another direct, one-hit splatting with my Tri-slosher. Maybe I have a good connection for this battle. Whatever it is, another inkling squids towards me, and I get the upper-tentacle again. The Splatterscope is not on the perch, but it's best that I don't hang around, so hop over and support the once-more advancing Tower.

The same inkling splats me in the same place. I should watch out for that. Super-jumping back to the Tower looks mostly safe, but looks a little less safe by the time I land. I back off to let some ink clear first, and when I hop back on I am the lucky inkling to have a squidmate take the hit. But my jinking around on the Tower has my slipping off just a point from the goal, and the purple inklings above me make short work of splatting me underneath them.

That Inkstrike will not stand. Better still, the next Inkstriker will be splatted. I keep going, a little brutally, and force the Splatterscope in to a corner for no good reason. She escapes sensibly, and I make my escape too. We seem to be in a kind of defence mode, skirmishing for turf and splats, and letting the Tower sit happily in the middle of the map. We could push for a knockout, but with under a minute left it seems like a lot of effort.

The Splatterscope wants me splatted, and understandably so. I don't know what possesses me, but I head back towards the goal on foot, bumping in to one inkling on the way, and going right around to the other side of the map, splatting the Splatterscope again. I don't think it was with malicious intent, I'm just in a groove with the Tri-slosher.

Turning around is a weird choice. I'm pretty sure I was just going to run through again, but when the inkling turns in to a Kraken when my Bubbler is up, I think I can out-wait it, with my Special Duration Up glasses. I don't quite count on the whole of the purple team wailing on me, though, but I should have expected it. That squidbagging is totally deserved too.

The purple team makes one last push, taking the battle in to extra time, but we're all over the Tower. Woomy!

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