Stalking the Splat Zones (7-3, Grim Range Blaster)

28th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Phew, my aim's all over the place right at the start, inking my way towards the Splat Zones. I am hopping to try to maintain some forward momentum, but I recall that jumping also decreases your accuracy. As my aim is already bad enough, maybe I should walk more. What's good is that I remember my Burst Bombs, both for offensive use and to ink the Splat Zones.

Pushing forwards only gets me forced off my perch before I can do much, but we're just getting started. That Dual Squelcher will have to go from that perch, though. I can't do anything about that if I can't even get to the Splat Zones, and that shot so narrowly misses the hiding inkling. This could be tough.

My next entrance is much better, getting a Burst Bomb and blast almost simultaneously for a splat. My first splat, I think. That's soon followed by a neat Killer Wail splat, with the Wail helping keep the green inklings away from the Splat Zones so we can ink it. One inkling gets through, and splats a squidmate, but I'm right behind to get instant revenge.

Everything seems calm for a bit. Maybe I should claim some more turf pushing forwards, but without knowing where the green team is I'm not sure it would help in the Mall. On top of that, our counter continues to tick down, and we take the lead shortly after the green team reappear. Nice!

I try to stay safe as a Suction Bomb Rush flies in, and somehow manage it by jumping towards green territory. That also lets me support my squidmates, and I stay unsplatted a little longer. My squidmates reappear and we ink the Splat Zones again, as I set a Killer Wail that I think maybe doesn't have much effect. But I splat an inkling coming up to the perch with another good weapon combo.

Hah, look at me ink with Burst Bombs like I've been doing it forever. I can't quite hit inklings with too much accuracy yet, but I'm doing much better. Encounters are happening on one side of the Splat Zones, as I hang around the other side. That green patch of ink will let an inkling sneak up on me, so I ink it purple. That also means I can peek around the corner safely, which lets me spot trouble coming my way.

We're nicely back in control. The green team show up with a few seconds to spare, but a couple are splatted away, and the one that remains doesn't have enough ink to spread on the Splat Zones quickly enough. Knockout victory to us, woomy!

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