Sent home from Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones (13-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Letting loose with the second Seeker as soon as possible towards the Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones lets me regain maximum ink by the time I get there. A little thing, but it's good to consider. The consecutive Seekers let us squid almost all the way there too, making it nice and quick, so that we can ink our Splat Zone early.

I run across the Splat Zone, inking a portion, but don't head down the green team's flank immediately, in case someone with a decent range is watching me and ready to shoot. Besides, the Splat Zones can be contested across the gap, and that's what's happening. I turn to flick some ink and keep it blue.

No one seems to be watching, no one is coming, so I head down the flank and over the bridge. I would say I caught at least one by surprise, and the other I see hiding in the ink. I don't have the ink to launch a Seeker at the Beakon, so do it by hand, and by then my Seeker Rush is ready. That's just looking to be launched towards the green team's base.

Another Seeker splat is good. I turn back to see a squidmate hassled by a Bubbler, and I hide and bide my time. There's no point engaging yet, and by the time they get to me the Bubbler will be gone. And so it is, gifting me another splat, and us continued control of the Splat Zone. Back to the ramp again, and I bump in to another inkling, which a quick flick deals with. I don't splat the charger on the ledge, but at least help to push her back, and with her gone I get to notice another inkling right next to me in time.

A Seeker looks for its target, and inks a path for me to flank him. This is going rather well. A little bit more turf control and a new Seeker Rush charges. I know where to use that. I get a bit cheeky too. A useful Echolocator hits the opponents to reveal one super-jumping away from base, so I sneak through my ink and head around the back to see if I can catch the charger. Yes I can!

I get a cocky, not having been splatted yet, and wait for the charger to return. But I push too far back in preparation, and am partly revealed by some natural inking of turf. That's my own fault. It lets me get back to our own Splat Zone for a bit of attention, but I see my squidmates have that under control, so I head back across the bridge for some more rear-ending of inklings.

The Slosher ignored the Seeker at his peril, and I am back in the green Splat Zone inking turf and launching Seekers. But the Slosher comes back and bumps in to a Bubbler, and I'm stuck and splatted back to base quite easily. There's a lot of green ink on the way to our Splat Zone, and I cover some of it but move on immediately, to see how the Splat Zone itself looks. A bit green, so I turn it more blue. I turn, as maybe my squid-sense is tingling, and catch the brush before she catches me.

I press on, but feel a pang of guilt in leaving our Splat Zone neutralised. I turn back to ink it completely blue, and only go back over the bridge when all looks nice and calm for our side. I almost drop on top of one squid, and although I don't know where he goes, no one really turns around to squirt green ink my way, bagging me two more splats and letting us take control of the Splat Zones again.

Ah, my Seeker Rush has charged again, just when I can point it towards the green base. I launch Seeker after Seeker along mostly parallel lines towards the base, and follow behind with aggressive intentions. But it looks like someone has had enough. To be honest, I don't really blame them, but it does mean I have to go through the footage and manually count my splats.

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