Shooting blanks in Splat Zones (12-7, Grim Range Blaster)

29th June 2017 – 7.00 am

There's a bit of a pause as Camp Triggerfish floats below, which doesn't bode well. I would shrug it off, except two squidmates get a head-start, which suggests this could be a bit of a dodgy battle. Still, best not to think about it just yet, and I get a decent Burst Bomb and blast splat across the gap.

Did that other Burst Bomb not ink the turf? Just a glitch maybe. We get a bit clumped together, three of us in one place, which is both dangerous and redundant, so I wander across the bridge to see what I can do about the other Splat Zone. I nearly get a splat before I get across, and a Killer Wail lets me land safely, but my aim lets me down a bit and I get just the one splat.

The purple team look strong, we are on the back foot and losing points. Naturally, they press forwards as much as they can. Thankfully, we don't lose too much turf, and we get right back in to battling over the Splat Zones. Over the gap too, both sides with good ranged weapons for the camp.

Hmm, now I do see that not all my ink is reaching the turf. Well, it's too late to do anything about it now, it's just the battle I'm in. And splatting the Sloshing Machine with a direct hit is certainly emphatic. Thanks to a brave Roller of ours, we manage to capture both Splat Zones and start eating in to the purple team's lead.

I pull out my Killer Wail moments after a squidmate does the same. I don't think I can cancel it, so I just have to aim it slightly differently to his. I doubt mine will do much, but I still find an inkling doing something behind the wall. A purple Killer Wail is pointedly aimed at a squidmate, and a Roller follows behind. I mis-time my shot, but I keep the Roller at bay, my squidmate super-jumps to me, and we take the lead. Nice!

I avenge a squidmate hit by the Sloshing Machine, and think I get the upper-hand on the Mini-splatling's Burst Bomb Rush, but a couple of hits aren't enough, it seems, and I quite attract his attention. We recover our position quickly, and surveying the turf I even manage not to run in to a Killer Wail. Good stuff. But the purple ink comes flying across the divide again, and although I get a splat and avoid a Suction Bomb, I get another misfire, which leaves me stuck in ink. Never mind.

I decide to hit our flank on my return, seeing purple ink build up there, where it shouldn't be. I nearly get the splat on the culprit, but my Burst Bomb doesn't seem to be quite as full of ink as normal. I come back to see an inkling on the bridge hassling a squidmate. I don't get there in time to prevent the splat, but I get revenge, which my squidmate appreciates. Pushing up gets another good splat, but going for a third has our Roller jump in front of my blast, but not in the way of the Burst Bomb thrown my way.

The Splat Zones are lost for a moment, but capture or neutralised soon enough for us to keep the lead. But my lack of ink strikes again, just when I need it. I don't save a squidmate, don't ink the Splat Zones, and don't hit a purple inkling. My squidmates do what they can, but the Mini-splatling sticks around to ink the Splat Zones and give their team back the lead.

There is a nice flurry of action right at the end of the battle, with a couple of inklings splatted out of the way, which gives us a slight chance to recover the Splat Zones and take the lead, but a Splat Bomb catches me just right, and another splat head of me is made mutual, leaving us without enough cover to send the battle in to extra time.

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