Hitting the front of the Splat Zones (5-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

The second Seeker may not hit the gap in the ramp to the middle of Arowana Mall, but a decent flick and some support ink from behind gets me up to the Splat Zones nice and quickly. I hop towards the other ramp, and I'm ideally positioned to flick the oncoming inklings aside.

I am already trying to get down the teal team's flank, but my flicks don't quite hit the top of the wall, and some ink is coming from somewhere behind me, so I roll around to ink as a precaution first, also inking the Splat Zone. With no more ink coming towards me, I turn back to the wall.

A teal inkling is up there now, so I practice a little caution with my approach, helped by a friendly Killer Wail. When I get up and around the corner, I really should realise that the orange splotch is the remains of the inkling, from the Killer Wail, but I'm not paying enough attention.

At least I spot the teal inkling coming around the corner as I drop from the ledge, so carry on down to the floor, after checking the perch, to try to keep myself safe. An Echolocator on me isn't help, though, but a bit of squidding around foils an inkling's aim long enough for me to get a flick away.

Some ink is coming from somewhere, so I move to avoid it and squid up the ramp to see if I can do something about. I think my squidmates have splatted the culprit already, and are maybe trying to clear the perch I am on from me, not taking any chances as to my affiliations. I'm okay with that, as it's better to be safe than sorry.

And we look pretty safe. The Splat Zones remain orange from when we first captured them, the teal inklings are nowhere to be seen, and we all seem to be in good, forward positions. I launch my Seeker Rush, because why not, and aim one down the ramp as I see an inkling's shadow approach. That gets one splat, and another catches a second inkling coming over their entrance ramp. Nice!

With only the one teal inkling looking to come our way, with almost no time to go, I indulge in a little victory dance. I think we deserve it. Woomy!

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