What did we do in Splat Zones (11-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I do my usual move at the start of Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones with the Carbon Roller Deco, moving through our Splat Zone and preparing for an incursion to the other side, but holding to secure our Splat Zone first. I decide to press across the bridge a little earlier this time, as our Splat Zone looks okay, and it worked well before. But I slightly mis-judge where the green squid stops. So it goes.

Coming back, I try to support my squidmates and stop us getting flanked, but I just embarrass myself and the Carbon Roller. At least I sensibly give up the chase and, well, I think I'm inking the Splat Zones, but when I decide to push in to green territory a second time, they take control of the Splat Zones. Maybe this push will go better. No, not really.

Perhaps a different route will hold better luck for me. I think I'm spotted on my approach, but pausing shows that I wasn't. I move up and get one splat, and although this time I flick where the Roller was hiding in the ink, she flicks just as well. Still, I finally get a couple of splats, even if I don't neutralise either Splat Zone. This could be a problem.

Back down the side route, and all the green ink makes it difficult for me to get anywhere without being spotted. I make it a bit easy for them to splat me, though. I can do better than this. So much ink everywhere too! Thankfully, I encounter no trouble getting to our Splat Zone, and we re-capture it as a team, but by the time I am only just around the corner both Splat Zones are green again. With no pause, the green team's indicator immediately starts counting down again.

Going across the bridge, I flick some ink down before I land. It reveals my intentions, but it's probably better to have some ink to jump in to. I get a good flick against the Roller, and the inkling on the grating can't quite see enough of me to get the upper-hand. I roll through the Splat Zone and almost squish a third inkling, reacting in time to splat him. I continue rolling, turning around to neutralise the Splat Zone properly. I don't think I quite realised how close the green team were to winning, as their indicator stops at 1!

My Seeker Rush doesn't stop the returning Roller, and she recaptures their Splat Zone, but thankfully my squidmates keep ours neutral for the moment., and follow-up by re-taking the green Splat Zone too. Now we start scoring again. I super-jump back to a squidmate in the green Splat Zone and start defending, although I take a few moments to cover all the restrictive green ink down our flank.

Our charger is on the bridge looking over the approach, which is very handy. The green Roller sees this and, at about 4'12", tries to flick her away, but only jumps in to the water for her troubles. I shouldn't laugh, as my defensive back-pedalling during a Seeker Rush is rather more embarrassing. But my team can do without me for a few seconds, and I soon super-jump back in to the action, getting a splat as I land.

I run over the bridge, launch a Seeker that, in retrospect, only wastes ink, but my pause to recover sees the green team aggressively hunt a squidmate across their Splat Zone, whilst my other squidmates capture it behind their backs. Our indicator ticks down again and, with a couple of decent splats from me, we keep the Splat Zones for long enough to take the lead.

As I mentioned, I had little idea how close the green team came to winning the battle, so I didn't know that taking the lead meant winning by knockout. That was kept as a nice surprise for Judd to tell me. Woomy!

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