Cheeky flicks in Splat Zones (11-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

2nd July 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm glad there's another squid with Seekers who can aim them down a straight corridor, as it makes up for my launching one in to the wall. We get to our Splat Zone quickly as a result, and capture it nice and early. After that, it's time to work the channels, mostly with Seekers, and taking care of our Splat Zone.

That brush will be a nuisance, I am sure, but at least we're holding station for the moment. I make my move behind a purple Killer Wail, with my Seeker Rush. I don't use them all, deciding to squid behind them, and squeeze one last Seeker out as I get parallel to the purple Splat Zone. I move across and see them super-jump in, and I am in position to splat them back to base. One of them, at least, to the pleasure of a splatted squidmate, and a second is splatted when he doesn't track my ninja squidding.

The Splat Zones are ours! I roll back down the corridor to provide easy access for squidmates, before returning to keep some green ink flowing. My ninja squidding comes in handy again, as well as a bit of lucky timing. Trying to ink a bit more turf almost leaves my Carbon Roller dry when I bump in to a purple inkling, but I have just enough ink left to splat him anyway.

My Seeker Rush is ill-timed, or ill-aimed. Either way, it doesn't do much. And although I get the drop on the Roller, not realising I'm behind him, I get the Seeker launched in to a wall, and that makes me run out of ink to flick at him. Oh well. We have a great lead, at least, and the Splat Zones are recaptured soon enough anyway.

The purple team retake control of their Splat Zone for a bit before we start contesting it again, and when I move up I have the luxury of watching the purple Roller roll towards me. He even turns the corner in front of me so I don't have the threat of being squished in return. Nice! I get lucky when the purple team appear from their ledges back in to the Splat Zone, with one inkling landing in front of my Roller, but the other gets some distance on me as I flick indiscriminately, leading to my splatting.

I get back up to be level with the purple Splat Zone, and my squidmates are contesting it nicely. I don't think there's more I can add without getting in the way, so I bide my time until it looks good. It looks good when I splat the Brush, which a squidmate likes, but the Splattershot evades me, and the Roller rolls ahead. I try to catch up, but don't want to roll in to trouble. That's a shame, as it really looks like he must be hiding in that puddle, and one flick could have saved a squidmate.

I'm on my way back to the purple Splat Zone when I get pinged for a super-jump. I pause to find a better spot, but the jumper doesn't come. Whether that lets the purple team capture their Splat Zone, or saves me from getting splatted by the purple team capturing their Splat Zone, I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. I send a Seeker ahead, which finds someone after I've forgotten about it, and head around the edges to get a brazen splat by charging forwards.

I take an interesting the purple Splat Zone and the inklings around it, capturing it briefly before becoming a purple splotch, and repeat that on my return, sending out a 'Nice!' to the team as the battle winds down heavily in our favour. It's been a good battle.

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