Hitting the flanks in Rainmaker (16-8, Tri-slosher)

4th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Okay, I guess wrong where the yellow inkling is hiding, and there's nothing embarrassing about getting ambushed by a Carbon Roller. That Luna Blaster is just a pain, though, as they all are. We don't stop the yellow push until they've got a big lead, but my squidmates are quick to regroup, and one is happy to rush the Rainmaker forwards.

I don't quite protect him from the Luna Blaster, but we get a good distance along the warehouse, and I give the yellow team a little spanking, which probably helps another squidmate pick up the Rainmaker and continue squidding with it. We don't take the lead, but we show we are going to be competitive.

The trouble with laying down ink to make a path, whether on bare floor or over the opponents' ink, is that someone may see you coming well in advance, particularly down a corridor. Hence the Carbon Roller waiting for me. And she starts laying down a lot more ink. Good for them, not for us. On top of that, it sounds like I get two hits on the Luna Blaster without a splat. So it goes.

Chasing the Rainmaker surprises the Carbon Roller behind a block, where my bucket comes in handy, and I manage to catch up to the Rainmaker, thanks to my Bubbler, to splat him from above too. I think he fell from the block. I come back to see the Roller up to her tricks again, and I just about splat her away and cover up her tracks. I avoid heading around the back of the yellow team to support the Rainmaker directly, catching one inkling nicely from behind, but the Carbon Roller made a quick recovery to get some revenge.

A little jink as the yellow team pushes again gets me in a positive position, and I surprise one inkling from the side, and the Rainmaker from behind, followed up by the super-jumping Carbon Roller. The splats are nice, but the yellow team have a bigger lead and our first push remains our best. But we get the Rainmaker back and, as our team works its way forwards, I hit the flank to prevent a speedy yellow return, and, again, to hit the yellow team from the side.

My flanking works quite well, even if I have to pop my Bubbler a little early. We get the Rainmaker a little further forwards, but we still have work to do, and jumping in to a Splat Bomb isn't going to help anyone. But our remaining squidmate prevents the Rainmaker getting far from where we left it, and the other two super-jump back to help out. I go on foot, cleaning up a bit, and hitting the other flank.

My squidmates are doing a good job with the Rainmaker as I hit the inkable block to take me around the side. My ink hits something, so I persevere with a little caution, and pop my Bubbler when the ink starts to get heavy. I splat the Inkzooka aiming towards my team, then look for the Berry Splattershot who's hiding from me.

I don't get my first couple of sloshes on target, but that ends up working well for me, as the Berry's ink pushes me away from the incoming Carbon Roller, and off the ledge from where I can slosh upwards, splatting them both. And with all of those splats, it seems I have helped to clear the way for my squidmates to push up, just as the battle enters extra time. And, just as quickly, extra time finishes, as we carry the Rainmaker in to the lead. What a comeback! Woomy!

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