And one last splat in Splat Zones (6-1, Tri-slosher)

7th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Zoom, faster than a Carbon Roller! I head around the side, and turn the corner to surprise another Tri-slosher, and hearing the smack of ink against inkling, continue sloshing to splat a charger too. That should take some inky pressure off the Splat Zones for us. I don't stop to find out, instead pressing forwards, although I have to head to the side when the inkable block in Tower Control isn't actually there for me to clamber over.

My team indeed secure the Splat Zones, as I head off to an unused perch. All looks well behind me, so I look forwards to see the Splatterscope cover all my yellow ink. Unfortunately, that includes the ink I'm squidding in, but thankfully a second shot isn't so quickly behind the first, and I squid away.

The Killer Wail is a little low from the Splatterscope, so I stand over the Splat Zones and slosh towards the purple side. Seeing an inkling head along the ledge, I lob a decent Disruptor their way, hitting the Tri-slosher. And, remembering the walkway, head back, up, and forwards to splat her away again, and getting a follow-up splat on the under-pressure Splatterscope.

Heading back to the Splat Zones bags me a splat from behind, and the Inkzooka doesn't worry me as long as my Bubbler lasts. Unfortunately, the Inkzooka has one last shot in her as my Bubbler plinks out of existence. So it goes. A solid squidmate keeps the Splat Zone neutralised as we super-jump back, so that we don't have a buffer to work through, and we're back in control.

I push forwards, with the Splatterscope trying to splat me on my way, but squidding here and there lets me dodge her shots, and squid up to her position. With some cruel fate, the Splat Zones are neutralised just long enough for me to get the splat, and back under our control to end the battle a split-second later. Woomy!

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