Squidding around the Splat Zones (10-6, Tri-slosher)

7th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Even without a charger on the other team, I immediately head the long and perilous route to get behind the perch. I find an inkling there and splat him, so it wasn't such a bad idea. If only I could have got out of the way of the stupidly geared Rapid Blaster, maybe I could have done more. But my squidmates are on top of things, and capture the Splat Zones for an early lead.

I come back, finding a new route to head to the Splat Zones that looks safe to jump across, isn't too obvious for the other team to see, and is pretty quick. I dunno why I've not noticed this before. Then again, I don't see where that purple inkling goes, who was right in my sights. Never mind, I avenge a squidmate and help keep the Splat Zones teal, even to force the water level to drop. Mind you, that doesn't quite work out for me.

I get some revenge on the Rapid Blaster, despite squidding right at him, and help recover the Splat Zones, before popping my Bubbler a little desperately to ensure a splat. But I get the splat, and head around the back for a short spell. As the Splat Zones remain teal, I feel I can loiter and watch for a moment.

The purple inklings are using the route I just found out about, which shows they are smarter than me, and I come from behind. Slowly, but it pays off, when I catch one of them launching an Inkstrike, just next to a super-jump ring. I move on to clear up the ink they left, just about out-running the Rapid Blaster. But instead of shouting out a 'Nice!' to the team as our counter heads under ten, maybe I should have been inking a bit more. The purple team capture the Splat Zones and give us a big buffer to work off. Oops.

A trip around the back doesn't work out for me, nor does a more conventional approach, when done badly. My next outing is much better. I head behind our lines, seeing a fully purple Splat Zone, and take a risky plunge near a super-jump ring. That inkling is splatted, which charges my Bubbler to help me get two more splats and recover the Splat Zones. A Disruptor hits the Rapid Blaster, which should help me against him, so it's a bit of a pain that his Splattershot chum is there to help him out.

The short route helps me get in to position to clear up after an Inkstrike, along with my squidmates, and the returning purple inklings are splatted away efficiently. I head around the back, finding no one, and back around the front, also finding no one. My squidmates are doing a good job.

By this point, our buffer has been worked off, our score starts counting down properly, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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