Close call Splat Zones (11-8, Splash-o-matic)

8th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

It occurs to me that I haven't battled with a shooter for ages, preferring instead the less traditional weapons. But I used to, so I'm going back to them for a bit. The obvious first choice is the Splash-o-matic, the first weapon I mained. My strategies don't really change much, as I am aggressive and after chargers nearly all the time, so I hop around the side platforms to try to get behind the yellow team. It becomes quite clear it isn't going to work, so jink back towards the Splat Zones for the objective, and start with a mutual splat. Not too bad.

I head the long way around, remember my Suction Bombs, and jump with abandon in to the Splat Zones. It works out quite well, although I nearly squid in to the Killer Wail before it fully dissipates. From there it's around the back, destroying a Beakon I bump in to, but move on. The Splat Zones turn yellow, but I see where the Brush went, and drop down to get a nice splat. I neutralise the Splat Zones, but move on before capturing them to apply more pressure to the returning yellow inklings. The Suction Bomb on the grate was a neat idea, but retreating doesn't quite go to plan.

I hop around the platforms to splat the Kelp Splat Charger anyway, and get my first Suction Bomb Rush. I am really rusty! Even so, I somehow manage to avoid a Kraken, splat the inkling, and nearly avoid a second Kraken, but I clearly need a refresher with Suction Bombs. On my return, a bit of hiding keeps me safe until an Inkstrike provides some good manoeuvring cover, and a Killer Wail prompts a squidmate to pop a Bubbler that gets shared with me, letting me splat the Hydra Splatling from a better angle. The super-jumper avoided my ink, and stays quiet until the Bubbler runs out.

I get myself in to trouble quickly, then slow it down a bit, getting some time spreading ink and helping the team recover the lead, before getting caught out when focussed on a splat. N-ZAPs always seem to cause me trouble. I should try one again. And I finally find the short way to the Splat Zones. It took me a while.

I don't quite manage to sneak up on the Hydra Splatling as planned, but my next Suction Bomb Rush goes better than the first, even if cornered by the Kelp Splat Charger. My fresh ink lets me manoeuvre away from some incoming attention, splatting the Octobrush nicely, and I survive the Kraken that apparently is an inevitability from the yellow team. Trying to hold the Splat Zones even gets me a surprise splat, which is nice, but the Hydra Splatling has better reflexes than my aim. At least, she does the first time. Still, the Kelp Splat Charger avenges her quickly enough.

The yellow ink keeps on coming, and their score keeps on dropping. We lose the lead with seconds left in the battle. But we keep the blue ink flowing, and capture the Splat Zones to force the battle in to extra time. With bombs flying everywhere letting me sneak around to the side of the Hydra Splatling, I can wait for her Bubbler to drop and get the splat, which my Suction Bomb manages with some convenient timing.

Splatting the Hydra Splatling relieves some pressure from the Splat Zones, but we can't afford any mistakes now. We take the lead, or we lose the battle. We need to keep everything blue, and aggressively policing the quickest entrance point to the Splat Zones helps. But the yellow team comes back in force as we near our goal, with ink flying in to the Splat Zones and yet another Kraken heading my way.

It's a close call, both with the Kraken and the battle itself. It's been a very tight battle, with the lead changing tentacles several times, and a lot of fun!

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