More Sprinkler splats in Splat Zones (6-3, N-ZAP '89)

10th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I want to use my N-ZAP '89's range and Sprinkler to good effect as soon as possible, so head along to the right, where I can throw the Sprinkler above the Splat Zones, and keep my range from whatever early push is coming our way. It works out for me, and for the team as a whole. We control the Splat Zones and take an early lead.

A couple of Specials start flying around, my Inkstrike being one of them, and I push up to ink some turf beyond the Splat Zones. As I do, some purple ink comes to the side, so I turn and, well, get squished. At least it wasn't a Carbon Roller. We lose the Splat Zones too, and the lead, but nothing we can't get back.

On my way back, I stumble in to an inkling who refuses to acknowledge I'm there, which is a bit weird. I end up nicely above the Splat Zones, though, but not with much ink. Not after the Sprinkler. That doesn't last long, because even though the Echolocator drops nice and quickly, thanks to my t-shirt, a Dual Squelcher bends some ink around a wall. So it goes.

Okay, now the lead looks tough to overcome. We manage to recapture the Splat Zones, which is something, and I run right in to a hiding squid, which is very satisfying. With the Splat Zones nice and teal, I skirmish a bit further up, and find a target with her back towards me. I somehow miss the jump, my legs failing me, but I make the most of the situation by splatting the Roller, before the tables are turned and I am the target again.

The way back through the Splat Zones is not safe, so I plant a Sprinkler and move the other way. That charges my Inkstrike, which I launch, bagging me a splat, and I replace the Sprinkler in a good position as we recapture the Splat Zones. I go the long way around again, avoiding engaging the Dual Squelcher at her range, and get a splat from somewhere. The Sprinkler, I imagine, nice!

I once again show that I am the master of the premature 'Nice!', trying to squeeze it in after we retake the lead but before the battle ends, but doing so just as our counter is stopped. I can't say I mind, particularly as we're in the lead, and also because I get a second Sprinkler splat with the same Sprinkler. Nice!

Another Inkstrike helps recapture the Splat Zones, and I squid to them to replace my Sprinkler. But it isn't necessary. We turned the battle around, and secured the knockout victory. Woomy!

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