Trying the N-ZAP '89 in Splat Zones (3-1, N-ZAP '89)

10th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Okay, I've used the N-ZAP before, but not for ages and not for much. It does seem to be my nemesis when wielding the Tri-slosher, though, and with a Sprinkler and Inkstrike, the N-ZAP '89 looks to be a good choice for Splat Zones. I'll take it out for a try. It certainly seems to be a popular choice, with three in this battle alone.

Hammerhead Bridge is a nice choice of location too, with some nice places to throw Sprinklers. I choose a wall facing our direction to start with, just for quick placement, but underneath the grate in the middle is bound to be a good spot.

Trying to capture the Splat Zones doesn't quite go to plan to start with. I try to exploit my range, but it's easy to get pulled closer, at which point I become more vulnerable. Splatted back to base, I take a different route on my way out, to spread more ink and make more routes viable for the team.

My Inkstrike charges nice and quickly, and I find a nook to launch it from. I aim for just beyond the Splat Zones to push the blue inklings one way or another, and it seems to work. From there, I try to sneak around the back, but cross paths with another squid. We agree to a draw, but a squidmate of the blue inkling doesn't get the message, and super-jumps in to trouble.

Another sortied upwards, and although the block isn't there to let me continue in Splat Zones, I use the N-ZAP's range to make it more awkward for a swift blue return. I think about going over the top, but I spot a target and drop down. A green Kraken deals with him, so I squid around the Splat Zones tidying up.

One blue inkling almost jumps in to my ink, and jinks out of the way. I get a couple of hits, and am happy to let him go in favour of another super-jumper, but he runs back in to my path. My one splat turns in to two. Nice!

I finally remember my Sprinkler again and hit the good spot, not that it needs it. A squid around finds another target, and although it looks like I get the splat I am just a little late. That's okay, and I squid away to safety to launch another Inkstrike.

There's really not much more that needs to be done! Even with a blue Inkstrike on its way, it's not quite enough to neutralise the Splat Zones before we complete the knockout victory. Woomy!

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