Rushing to the podium in Rainmaker (1-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Space gets a bit cramped as we rush out of our base, but that's not why I head to the side. I go that way to see if I can better catch any inklings coming over the wall to flank us, and because my Seekers can work well from over here.

As it happens, someone is heading up the wall, so I move back to prepare for a splatting. But they are quite sensible, and drop down at the edge of my ink. It doesn't really save them, but it makes the splat mutual. Meanwhile, my squidmates are battling over the Rainmaker. I pretty much ignore that for now, going back instead to clean up my mess and prevent the wall climber getting an easy squid to the top.

By the time I've thrown some ink down, amy squidmates are nicely in control of the Rainmaker and half-way to the plinth. Happily, I am in a pretty good position to get to them quickly, thanks to a nice straight path and a Seeker.

I stop short, as we lose the Rainmaker, cautious of what awaits around the corner. Nothing, really. I head around to start inking the Rainmaker's Shield, which meets with surprisingly little teal resistance. No inklings get splatted by the Shield either, which actually doesn't give me a warm feeling.

I suspect the teal team are holding back, ready to ink the crap out of anyone carrying the Rainmaker around the corner. Luckily, my Seeker Rush is charged, so I start launching them ahead. That inks a path, and provides a distraction.

I stop short with the Rush, hoping that the teal team will expect a few more Seekers from me, instead pushing forwards when I think it won't be expected. Whether that worked or not, I can't say, but I do manage to sneak past any attention, right to the top of the podium, which my Seekers inked for me, and dunk the Rainmaker! Woomy!

That was some great early work by my team, and I'm really happy to follow it up to get the knockout victory for us.

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