Overcoming the odds in Splat Zones (5-9, Classic Squiffer)

14th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I've been tempted to use the Squiffer, to see if I can. Naturally, I can't to start with, and as the weapon requires better aim than a blaster and is less safe than a longer-range charger, I'm not sure I'll ever be good with it. But maybe I can bring it out occasionally to remind myself that I can't aim. I should also point out that, since trying it in a few battles, it's been pointed out to me that the Bubbler is mostly useless, as inklings can jink around until it dissipates, which is really obvious to me after seeing that first hand, and that the Fresh Squiffer is a better choice. Good to know.

Hey, look at that! The first splat in the battle is mine, and from a decent reaction shot. That gives me some confidence that, as it turns out, is misplaced, but it's a jolly good start to a new weapon. Yeah, I'm splatted a couple of seconds later, but I can pause the recording to bask for longer. And I can skip past being totally suckered along the side route. Bah.

Back up to the top along a more conventional route, and I push forwards to help ink the Splat Zones. Whilst I'm there, I get another good splat ahead of me, and follow behind with a splat that I am not entirely sure I aimed for. Still, it could be attributed to good awareness. Yeah, I feel confident with the Squiffer after these splats. We also capture the Splat Zones, and I help a bit more by trying to ink over obvious routes up the walls. But not the one used to splat me by a tag-team.

Super-jumping to the Splat Zones works about as well as you can imagine, and heading around the side again gets me close, but bamboozled. The blue team are running rampant over us, and here's me trying a new weapon. It doesn't help that I keep getting close to a seasoned and well-kitted Splattershot. I don't give up though. That pause is having my super-jump target get splatted. A bit like I do, moments later.

The battle is looking stickier by the second. Kudos to my squidmates for managing to find their way past the blue team and capture the Splat Zones from behind. That takes some pressure off us (me), and throws the blue team in to a little disarray. I do what I can to help tidy up, which isn't really required at the moment, but I do track the Bamboozler, and get another good splat from doing so.

I can't quite beat the Carbon Roller for speed, but just being a target outside of the Splat Zones helps, as we manage to take an unexpected lead. Just as unexpected, I splat an active Inkzooka! Sure, the Carbon Roller evades me, but that's okay. The clock runs down, the Splat Zones aren't contested, and the battle is won in our favour. Woomy!

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