Splatting all around the Splat Zones (9-2, Tri-slosher)

15th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

A good position and some Disruptors lets me take a cautious stance to start the Splat Zones battle, which is probably wise, given that the Splat Zones in Bluefin Depot being at the lowest point probably makes them a literal Splat Zone. And when I'm ready, I drop down, and help clear the area of inklings and turn the Splat Zones green. Nice!

I ink walls to give myself options, rather than to head up immediately. That seems to work, probably half by accident, and I hear an Inkzooka get pulled out when I'm in the right position to stop it. Some more turf inked for more options, then a bold move right back towards the returning inklings. Having a Bubbler ready helps, as does retreating at the right time.

I give myself the option of heading back around the top straight away, but consider that somewhat foolish, so look for another option. The ramp is an obvious choice, and having a target has my squidding across the gap. Another good Disruptor ensures me the splat, but I can't quite out-ink the Carbon Roller at close range.

I saw lots of purple ink on the other side of the Depot, so head that way, comfortable that we retain the Splat Zones. Naturally, we lose control almost immediately, but I stick with my plan of making it more difficult for the purple team to move around. Doing so lets me head up and around the purple team, dropping down before sloshing ink to properly surprise them. It goes well.

Heading back up to the top gets me spotted and potentially trapped. Quite how I am not splatted by the Carbon Roller and manage to get away safely I don't know, but I'll take credit for being awesome for doing so. He gets me in the end, but on my terms and with the splat mutual. That'll do!

Our buffer is reduced to nothing and our score starts counting again. That gives me just enough time to run in to the Carbon Roller once more, this time with a Disruptor on hand. But only just. The knockout victory is ours. Woomy!

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