Pressing high in Splat Zones (5-3, Tri-slosher)

16th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

That Disruptor hits someone, I can hear it. But I don't stay to admire my throw, as my bucket can't reach far enough to do much across the gap. I press on, and throw a Disruptor ineffectively in to some netting, maybe contributing to my getting splatted.

I take the side route to the green Splat Zone. It takes me a while to get there, having to ink the turf as I go, and end up meeting a squidmate coming from the other direction. Nice! But the green team have got to our Splat Zone now. I would worry more, but it seems that the other half of the green team is coming back to their own, which is more immediately pressing.

With a charged Bubbler I feel confident pushing for an encounter. Good job too, as a Killer Wail was being set to cover the Splat Zone and more. With that cleared, I ink a bit further ahead, but turn back to recover the Splat Zone, sloshing upwards for a decent charger splat first.

I decide to focus entirely on the green Splat Zone, where I am, and trust my squidmates to take care of our Splat Zone. At the worst, no one will score points if I keep this one purple. I gauge the right time to move, and get it pretty much right, squeezing past another Killer Wail and pressing for more splats, with help from our charger. Nice!

Our Splatterscope's Killer Wail keeps the channel clear for a few seconds too, and the green Splat Zone stays purple for a bit longer. With it a healthy colour, I press high again, but am pulled up short by the green Splatterscope conscientiously inking all the turf. A bit of jinking stymies her aim, and gets me close for the splat.

An inkling resorts to lobbing Suction Bombs over the fence, which isn't too successful at neutralising the Splat Zone. I try to Disrupt the minor barrage, which I think works, but manage to still get hit by a Suction Bomb, which was a bit careless.

With that Splat Zone nicely covered, I head to our own, which just needs a bit of attention and maybe we can win this battle. I don't do so well, despite having the height advantage with the Tri-slosher initially. It almost looks like the green team will capture the Splat Zones and stuff us with a big buffer to work though, but thankfully my squidmates are on top of the situation.

The green team are completely pushed back, and in that little time we have of no inky pressure, my squidmates recapture the Splat Zones. The green team simply don't have time to respond.

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