Tussles over the Splat Zones (8-4, Tri-slosher)

16th July 2017 – 7.00 am

It's a fairly normal start to the Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones battle with my Tri-slosher. My Disruptor even hits an inkling, and I have enough time to squid past a Suction Bomb in my way. But capturing our Splat Zone has my back towards some approaching inklings, and although I manage to turn around safely, I am not cautious enough to survive a cooperating pair.

If the purple team come to our flank, I'll go to theirs. I have the obvious disadvantage of having to ink my way when they are watching for someone coming, and a less obvious disadvantage that the waiting inkling has an Inkzooka ready. Thankfully, I am experienced in approaching Inkzookas. That, and my Bubbler charges.

I get to the Splat Zone, keeping maximum turf inked, and approach with some caution. But I'm not noticed, and get a good splat with the help of squidmates across the gap. Before long, we've turned the Splat Zones around and start scoring. My attempt to press a bit higher starts well, but throwing a Disruptor, whilst sensible in itself, drains my ink tank too much to be effective afterwards. So it goes.

I tidy up some purple ink on my way back, and see what's happening. All looks okay around our Splat Zone, so I move ahead, where an inkling approaches. Once again, the Inkzooka doesn't fare well against my bucket and Bubbler, which I find immensely satisfying. It's also nice to drop down next to an Inkstrike-in-progress for a really easy splat.

Okay, the Squiffer splats me easily too, and with a bit more skill. That's okay, we have the Splat Zones for a bit longer, and are building up a nice lead. That lets me get more green ink down here and there whilst moving towards the purple Splat Zone. When I get there, it's quite green, but an inkling is above me.

I don't think the Squiffer was expecting me, but he has good enough reactions to disengage. I pull back to be a bit more tactical, which keeps me safe for a bit, and the Splat Zone green, but once it becomes a 2-on-1 again I can't quite hold my position. The Squiffer moves up, undoing all my good inking, and, although it's probably not a good idea, I head straight back that way to confront them. It goes quite well.

The Splat Zones are green again, so I push past them to press high a second time. I find myself in a similar situation to before, but with more ink. That seems to do the trick! Nice! And there's not quite enough time to get another splat, as our counter hits zero for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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