Pushing forwards in Tower Control (9-3, Tri-slosher)

17th July 2017 – 7.00 am

More Tower Control! Probably my favourite battle mode. I used the Tri-slosher a lot in my last session and like to shake things up for variety, but Flounder Heights and Ancho-V Games are great for skirmishing, and I'd like to get some confidence back in the bucket after the frustrating Splat Zones.

The first splat doesn't quite go to plan. I think I miss where the inkling hides. Good job, purple inkling. I do better not being caught off-guard by an inkling from above, and feel pretty happy with myself, right until surprise Carbon Roller.

I support my squidmates on the Tower from above for a bit, hoping sloshing ink downwards will help, plus the odd Disruptor. But the Disruptor misses, and two sloshes on to the Inkstriker don't do quite enough. When the purple team pushes back, they aren't fazed by my Bubbler, although it takes two of them to splat me.

It looks like quite a battle up at the top of the Heights from the base, so I take a more circuitous route up there, which keeps me safe. And there's not much I can do about a Kraken on the Tower, so I head across the divide and ink some turf in preparation. On hearing an Inkzooka below, I suspect I'm in a good position to deal with it. I'm a little late to be effective against the Inkzooka itself, but I get myself a lucky quad-splat out of my ambush from behind. Nice!

Up and across, supporting from above again, and this time I dive-bomb an inkling successfully. But the Tower starts reversing, and by the time I turn around I can't stop it. I head backwards to squid up a wall, but my squidmates turn me around again. I'm not complaining! Missing the Carbon Roller is a bit of a pain, admittedly, but that's on me.

It's worth super-jumping back, at least half-way, to save some time. I then waste that time by missing my jump down, and being a bit cautious. But I use the walls well to flank the purple inklings, and help remove some inky threat from the Tower.

And, what the hell, I clamber on to the Tower to ride it victoriously to the goal. Woomy!

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