Almost getting past the Splat Zones (9-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Tripping over a squidmate probably works in my favour, as the slight delay lets me get just behind the inklings coming around the corner to splat us. The tables are turned on them! One more splat gets me a starting triple, but I don't get to look for a fourth. And somehow the green team still captures the Splat Zones! What are my squidmates doing?

I come back at an angle to be a bit sneaky, and it almost works, but I still make a green splotch of the Splat Zones. I am more cautious the next time, what with all the green ink around and prolonged control of the Splat Zones. An inkling could be anywhere. They're not, but it is better to find out by making it safe. And my Seeker Rush charges as a result, which I use to ink the Splat Zones nicely, although jumping in to the water may have been a mistake.

I take the third route to the Splat Zones, now nicely blue, but get overwhelmed by targets, aiming for them all and hitting none. Sorry, squidmates, I turned the Splat Zones a bit more green again. Going right has worked better for me so far, so let's do that again. I pause to assess the situation, and it looks good for an opportunistic Seeker and rolling around the Splat Zones. Yes it is, nice!

Watching for returning inklings sees one coming. A Seeker sends him one direction, and a bold jump and a 180 gets me a splat that was a bit lucky, but looks really good. Shrugging off some ink, I head to flank, getting lucky to squid under the Carbon Roller, but not flicking well enough to catch the Octoshot Replica. But the Octoshot Replica isn't as quick as my super-jumping squidmate.

I test the ink along the corridor again, and it looks okay. Going over the ledge is a new risk, one that has an inkling coming. Thankfully, his first flick isn't great, so it's a mutual splatting. I'd be happier with that if we were in control of the Splat Zones, but so it goes. A brief pause on our base looks for an squidmate to super-jump to, and I choose poorly. It's squidding back for me. Not that that goes much better.

And that's all we have time for. The green team score a knockout victory. Ah well, it was a fun battle!

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