Being in control of the Splat Zones (4-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

20th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Oh yeah, straight up the middle with that second Seeker. Nice! I get no splat from an incautious inkling coming over the ledge, but with one on the perch I move towards the corridor to try to get around her. That takes me in to the E-litre 3K, thankfully having just fired, so I flick my way past her and onwards.

My target's gone from the perch, thanks to my squidmates. It seems like we've not only got the Splat Zones, but quite a high position. I send a Seeker to ink a bit higher, and do a flip to check out the Splat Zones. They are being Inkstriked, and I nearly am too, but we clean up quickly enough.

Inking a path up the wall gives us more options, and I head across the grating to help prevent the blue team returning, but, despite my Seekers being suited to this position, I do poorly. We keep the Splat Zones for quite a bit longer, though, and the knockout victory looks almost assured.

A blue Inkstrike hits the Splat Zones, which is counted by a yellow Inkstrike, but Slosher pressure is what forces my retreat. I am soon back in the Splat Zones and threatening, but it's a mild threat, more of a floundering. And when a Suction Bomb Rush comes flying in, I have to abandon my position, which I thankfully manage.

The hullabaloo just about dies down when a Roller drops in to my lap, which is nice, and my Seeker Rush provides some threat over the rise, and a nicely timed Inkstrike provides cover for me to move through. I hit the corridor again, but potential blue threat discourages me for a moment.

Ninja squidding gives me confidence to move up discreetly, and I hit the flank, sending a Seeker across the gap towards a potential target. But I pass another target, just about noticing in time to do a 180 as I land off the ramp and turn being splatted in to a splat. That Seeker lets me squid up the other side easily, and I can return to a position of relaitve comfort smoothly.

The Splat Zones need just a little more care and attention, and I get one more splat with a nice bit of luck, just in time to enjoy the knockout victory. Woomy!

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