It's a splattacre in Tower Control (11-11, Tri-slosher)

20th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

A bit of caution as I approach the centre of the map pays off. My Disruptors may miss their mark, but not having enough ink to throw another holds me back, keeps me safe. I splat the Luna Blaster well enough, but can't quite get under the Dynamo Roller. At least I splat him too.

I aim to get behind the green team on my return, particularly as my squidmates are on the Tower, but it looks dangerous to drop down. I wait for my moment and make my move successfully, and from there decide to ride the now-returned Tower, to keep us moving forwards. My Bubbler protects me from a Blaster, and thankfully doesn't ping me in to the water as a result, and I help to push the Tower further until the Dynamo Roller splats me from afar.

The green team look to have sacrificed an early lead for some disruption behind the lines. That needs clearing up, so I lend a tentacle before moving on to see what I can do about the Tower. Not much with a couple of inklings trying to come up the wall. But I'm not about to squid in to them, and my patience pays off. A little more patience would have been worthwhile too, but I drop down at just the wrong moment.

I get a good Disruptor throw on my way back, which lets me out-manoeuvre the Blaster, and take the opportunity to ride the Tower again. Or I would, but a Blaster and a second inkling on the other side of the water make me think again, just not quickly enough. I try to Disrupt them and abandon Tower, but it has moved on already, and I just hand the Tower to the green team.

I have the luxury of time, as my squidmates clear the Tower, so I wait and watch. That bags me a nice and easy splat, and drop down to get another. But what I couldn't see from my position was the super-jump ring just beneath me, and I don't react quickly enough to the landing inkling. My squidmates continue their good defence, though, so our lead is not in much peril.

I trade splats with the Luna Blaster a couple of times, just because that's what I seem to do, before getting a clean splat, thanks to a Disruptor. Clearing the Tower doesn't go as planned, and I don't get quite close enough to the encroaching Dynamo Roller before he can begin his swing. That's a shame, as the Tower pushes on to my side, which I now cannot defend, and, with the slightest of optimistic pauses, the green team sneaks the lead.

Adding insult to injury, the Luna Blaster plants a Splat Bomb and avoids my bucket, and super-jumping to a squidmate making a last desperate lunge with the Tower just gets me splatted. But we still have time! The battle enters extra time, a squidmate gives me a super-jumping target on the Tower, and I go for it.

With a bit of luck and a bit of support, our final opportunity isn't wasted. Just as the Dynamo Roller's green ink washes over us, we grab the lead back and win the battle! Woomy!

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