Luck goes both ways in Splat Zones (6-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st July 2017 – 7.00 am

I aim for the short-cut to the Splat Zones with my Seeker, and get pretty close from that angle. A bit of flicking and I'm right there, really quickly, just about wishing that maybe I had dragged my heels a bit. A squidmate also gets splatted pretty quickly, and I think she jumps to share the misfortune between us.

I come back along the more traditional route and immediately get caught up with an encroaching inkling. My ink tank doesn't fill up enough for a Seeker, and my flicking won't do much from where I am, but a bit of a pause in the ink, and a bit of luck with my target standing stock-still to launch an Inkstrike, and I'm on my way.

My Seeker Rush charges, but perhaps dropping in to the middle of occupied Splat Zones is not the best option for maximising their ink. So it goes, although that Kraken got away with a nose dip in the water. Thankfully, my squidmates are having better luck, capturing the Splat Zones and starting our score. We're only fifty points behind!

A bit of height keeps me out of harm's way for a bit, but not from Burst Bombs or Blasters. I hope to be effective soon, and try to help a little by inking over some teal ink near our base, before doing an unnecessary hop to launch a Seeker. Heading back to approach the Splat Zones with some reach, I pretty much bump in to an inkling, and flail about, not quite remembering what I should be doing, before getting the splat. That's more like it.

A threat comes from the side that I don't so much avoid but get rescued from by a squidmate, and that lets me help ink the Splat Zones at last. I manage to avoid squidding right in to a Killer Wail, good job, which also protects me from a Splat Bomb Rush, and, after those, manage to get away from some inky threat, again probably thanks to a diligent squidmate.

I do my best to pay back my squidmates' excellent battling, and help keep the Splat Zones orange, whilst aiming for the occasional splat. Getting a Seeker splat is great, hitting the inkling from the flank, as I don't even need to aim. Spotting a threat on a platform leads to a more professional and satisfying splat.

The Splat Zones remain ours for a while, but I get caught out and make a teal splodge that doesn't help us. Even so, we're in the lead, which is excellent. I return in good spirits, and use my shoes to squeeze through the teal ink to get close to an inkling, adding my ink to help a squidmate get the splat, and from there re-take the Splat Zones. Nice!

I haven't been around the back yet. I flicked some ink up the wall earlier, mostly as a diversionary tactic, but now I head around to see what's happening. Nothing, and the inklings are heading my way. I pretty much just squid around for a bit, hoping no one catches me. But I help my squidmates police the ink in the Splat Zones, and have the good sense to get splatted by the Kraken just outside of them, to keep our score ticking over.

That's a nice jump in to the Killer Wail, so nearly avoided. At least I splat that annoying, jumping Luna Blaster on my return, although we lose the lead as we deal with inklings on the outskirts. I get another minor victory as multiple Seekers chase a Kraken through the Splat Zones, inking turf and getting the splat, when the Kraken could have just swum in to them.

We're back in control as the last few seconds of the battle count down. Can we keep control long enough to steal the victory? No. Despite our initial advantage in numbers, the teal team come back and splat us out of the way, regaining control and ending the battle. Ah well, so it goes.

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