More splats for Marie in Splat Zones (6-4, Tri-slosher)

21st July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Green versus purple. I think I can make this more of a partisan battle than usual, just by thinking I'm fighting on the side of Marie in a daytime Splatfest. To that end, I nip along the side and around the back, and although I don't catch anyone on a perch I get to a good position to drop down on a couple of inklings. With them out of the way, and of course with the support of my squidmates, the Splat Zones become ours.

I skirt around the purple ink for a bit, not wanting to face it head-on, not with my short range, but succumb eventually, when stay a bit too long in the area. Coming back hits someone with a Disruptor, but not the inkling who squids in to my path, who splats me unceremoniously.

My next excursion goes a bit better, with an Echolocated inkling appearing right in front of me, and despite us losing the lead it looks like we are still putting up a fight, grabbing back the Splat Zones. My Bubbler protects me from inky threat, but in trying to evade it I am pinged as a squid over a grate I don't expect. So it goes.

A bit of tidying up doesn't go amiss, and my squidmates keep control of the Splat Zones as I get myself in to two-pronged trouble. More tidying up looks like a good idea after that too. Maybe I'm not inking the Splat Zones, but by inking everywhere else I am helping my squidmates get back in to good positions smoothly.

I don't quite hit the Burst Bomber with a Disruptor, but a squidmate splats them anyway. We both surge forwards, taking advantage of the gain in turf, and that puts me right next to an active Inkzooka, who I splat with brutal efficiency. And once more the Splat Zones are ours.

I squid around the back to frustrate the movements of the purple team like they did to us, but it doesn't really work when no one's there. That's okay, as I see where they are and move up to flank them. One is splatted by a squidmate, which saves me the trouble, and I get the other one. Just in time too, as the battle is won! Woomy!

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