Tough tussle over the Splat Zones (11-8, Tri-slosher)

23rd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Three of us head away from the Splat Zones to start with. It seems to work out just fine, to be fair. I catch two oncoming inklings, taking the route from the opposite side, Disrupting one and slinking to the side of the other. Jumping across the ramp doesn't quite let me disrupt another inkling, but he's discouraged from staying on the perch. And by that point, we're all nicely together in the Splat Zones and in control. Nice!

I move up, find no inklings, drop back down, and splat an inkling on the ramp before the falling ink can splat me. A Disruptor hitting a block next to me doesn't help, although it is fairly normal, but using that block buys me enough time for my Bubbler to charge. The other inkling's Kraken charges too, but is more for survival and ignores my Bubblered self. That suits me, and I run away too, back up the top for another slinking splat.

I try to apply some pressure from above, which pretty much works. I probably shouldn't have dropped down, but there you go. My squidmates recapture the Splat Zones after a brief interruption, so all looks well. I look towards the Splat Zones on my return, and as they seem okay I jink to the other side of the Depot. I see an orange inkling hop across the ramp, so move to clean up behind him, failing to be careful in case a second inkling is on the ramp. Oh well.

I head around the side of the Splat Zones and use the height advantage again. I help get a splat, which is good, and drop down to ink the Zones, stumbling in to another inkling who I Disrupt and splat. That Disruptor uses up most of my ink, though, so I struggle for a bit, until I take a breather. That lets the orange team return. My Bubbler protects me for a bit, but I have to flee as Suction Bombs come flying in.

I squid around, trying to keep the orange ink at bay. I do okay, but appear to be mostly on my own for the moment. I eventually get blindsided as the orange team pour in, and my squidmates are busy elsewhere. At least our Splatterscope avenges me, and splats a super-jumper. That stops the orange counter too. Nice! I head back on the other side to the Splat Zones, avoid the obvious trap of the orange ramp, and, although cautious heading up the other side, still get found by the same Splattershot Pro as before. More fool me.

We have orange pressure all around us now. This is not looking good. I sidestep most of it, the Splat Zones needing attention too, and am happy to hear my Bubbler charge. I get a good Disruptor throw as I drop down as well, and the poor target forgets, as I always do, that you can super-jump back to base, instead choosing to hide ineffectively from my bucket. And, with that, the Splat Zones are teal once more. That gives them a buffer to work through too, which helps us. Good thing too, because Specials are activated all over the place, making the Splat Zones orange very quickly.

I run in to the Splattershot Pro again to start with, and although my next sortie gets me across the Splat Zones and in to action, it's in to a bit more action than desired. It helps with capturing the Splat Zones, though, pushing the orange buffer up a bit more. And heading around the side and over a ramp flanks an Inkzooka effectively, and some cautious sloshing helps neutralise the Splat Zones.

I find the source of the orange ink, with his back to me no less, and splat him as the clock ticks down. With a charged Bubbler, the Splat Zones neutral, and our team with the lead, the battle looks won. I pop the Bubbler as a precaution and slosh away, before once again feeling an unfortunate drawback to Ink Resistance shoes.

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