Chaotic Rainmaker (5-8, Grim Range Blaster)

24th July 2017 – 7.00 am

The teal team makes a good break with the Rainmaker, which either goes unnoticed by my team or they are mostly splatted. At least I don't ignore the objective, hoping someone else takes care of it, because I think it would have been a really quick battle otherwise.

I get behind the Rainmaker, for safety, and a Killer Wail comes at the right time too. It clears the path ahead as the Rainmaker is burst out of its shield, and gets a handy splat. The path forwards isn't clear though, and although I don't quite ink the ramp, at least our initial movement to the centre of the map has inked the path above me.

That Inkzooka doesn't hit me, but it often doesn't. The Rainmaker is not in a convenient place for the teal team, though, and it stays there for my return. We burst the shield again, and I have another go moving the Rainmaker forwards. It goes pretty well, clearing the way a little to start with, and an accidental fall inspiring my movement across the centre.

Something happens when I super-jump back. I'm not sure what for a moment. But a squidmate ends up with the Rainmaker and pushing forwards. And keeps pushing forwards, my splat-cam showing me him reaching the ramp, and I watch the movement gauge at the top of the screen as he surges in to the lead. Nice! That didn't look likely to happen from the teal team's early start.

Super-jumping back keeps me safe, and I fall back a little so that the Rainmaker's shield doesn't splat me. The Rainmaker sits tantalisingly on the ridge, and a excellently timed Inkstrike comes in to encourage me to grab it. That's when the Inkzooka reappears. So it goes. Our position remains good, and we keep the Rainmaker near the podium for a bit longer.

We stop the teal team at the half-way mark, and get another push. I head down the side this time, but am intercepted and pushed backwards. Not my best decision, in retrospect. But a nice lob of a Burst Bomb does just enough to splat the Rainmaker at the half-way mark again. The Inkzooka starts splatting everyone from the ledge, and I move to splat the wielder. Unfortunately, I grab the Rainmaker by accident, and, when trying to make the most of it, don't quite make the jump I had planned to be awesome.

Another break by the teal team heads the same way, and although my Killer Wail isn't needed to stop the Rainmaker, thank goodness, it helps burst the shield. We are back in control and move steadily forwards as the clock ticks down, leaving the teal team with only two shining moments in a battle where we otherwise mostly were in control. Woomy!

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