Doing my bit for Tower Control (5-3, Tri-slosher)

26th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I try my usual suicide run around the back of Kelp Dome, squidding towards the normal charger perch. The E-litre 3K Scope is there too, and although I get a good Disruptor throw, maybe I should have stuck with ink. I don't see which way the E-litre 3K drops until it's too late, and pay for it by hanging around in his sights. Silly me.

I head back the same way, because apparently I like punishing myself, and get punished for running in to a couple of inklings. At least I learn my lesson and head a different way. I like to think I'm defending the Tower's green progress, but my squidmates have done that and are pushing it the other way. Still, coming the long way around prevents them being flanked by the Luna Blaster.

I push up to support the Tower directly, and push a bit too far up. Maybe I don't learn. But, again, heading back the long way lets me see the E-litre 3K applying pressure, looking in the wrong direction even, and finally splat him, before moving up to actually support my squidmates properly.

The Tower is reciprocating a bit, but heading mostly forwards, and I push up aggressively, where a squidmate is already applying pressure. I squid around the side for a bit of safety, and get lucky when the Luna Blaster misses me at point blank range.

My Bubbler charges, as the Tower comes in to view! What good timing. I hop on to the Tower, pop my Bubbler, and enjoy the ride to the goal. Woomy!

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