A few blasts in Tower Control (11-7, Blaster)

27th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

No one's really going for the Tower at the start of the battle. That's probably wise, though. Personally, I'm on the grating because it seems like the best place to be with my Blaster, particularly as I'm lacking a reliable way to ink walls. My positioning pays off too, getting a splat from above, then from behind, and from below, until the last inkling stops me.

The yellow team have also taken the lead. I suppose that's what happens when you actually get on the Tower, rather than avoid it. I move to intercept the Tower, but kind of get stuck, with a Luna Blaster blocking my way. I make a fairly sensible decision not to run headlong in to them, and hop over the other way, but run in to them anyway. So it goes.

I do some tidying up next, always a good idea, inking over the yellow team's trails. The Luna Blaster heads back over the ramp to take advantage of ink not there any more, and it's good that they take a potshot at me. My squidmates are assaulting the Tower and have their backs to the Luna Blaster, so I protect their flank. Successfully, as it turns out. My flank gets hit soon after, though.

I get too close to the Luna Blaster next, before doing my best to clear the Tower amidst a Bomb Rush or two. That goes better than trying to squid away from the Luna Blaster. I needed more turf inked. Running in to the Mini Splatling with a Bubbler charged goes about as well as can be expected, and she starts making a mess of our side of the map. How uncouth. i do something about that as soon as I can.

Heading around the back, having fallen and not wanting to get back up, I send a Killer Wail in a good-looking direction. One inkling is caught immediately, a second lands a moment too soon. Nice! But my forward-inking isn't directly helping, the Tower not advancing. Indeed, the yellow team hop on again, and heading back to get them off has my facing the Luna Blaster again. He gets everywhere.

Less than a minute to go and we still haven't gone far on the Tower. Maybe this time! Who knows? It's changing tentacles twice a second. I aim a charged Killer Wail towards the Tower to clear the yellow team, but now it's ours again and I get confused. Ah, anywhere will do, which seems to help, and I can look forwards again to help there.

A squidmate saves me from the Luna Blaster, which is appreciated, and the Tower keeps coming. It keeps coming with full inkling support! One rides the Tower, the rest of us send ink all around. I may not get the splats above me, but that distracts the Luna Blaster as I come back around the corner, and a squidmate becomes a Kraken with excellent timing.

With seconds to go, we take the lead! It didn't really look like it was coming, but my squidmates saved their best effort till last. Woomy!

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