Crossing the bridge in Tower Control (5-2, Tri-slosher)

27th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm never quite sure what to do on Hammerhead Bridge. Straight down the middle doesn't seem sensible, but it's so skinny that hitting the sides rarely works. So, straight down the middle, just under the Tower, and hopefully pop up to splat an inkling. It nearly works!

I give chase to the inkling I pass, who is either very good at ignoring me, entirely oblivious to my presence, or accepting the inevitable splat but at his terms. As I've rounded the corner and my squidmates are pushing the Tower, I keep going to support it. I lob a Disruptor and pull back to avoid crowding one squidmate, and hop on the Tower next to me instead. I'm probably helping.

I hop off the Tower to defend against one inkling, which I just about manage, thanks to my Bubbler. My Bubbler will surely run out before the newly released Kraken, though, and squidding up the block to get away from it won't work when that's where she's going too. Thankfully, another squidmate takes the hit and my bucket sloshes upwards very nicely.

Despite my relatively good sense so far, I pretty much throw it all out the window when I think squidding right in to a Wasabi Splattershot is a good idea. We lose our position with the Tower, with no inklings on board, so it's the slow way back, but quickly back to the base again. That's something, I suppose.

My squidmates defend a bit better than me, and the Tower starts moving forwards again. I head along the bridge until it's clear I'm meeting zero resistance, and jump across to support the path of the Tower by, well, throwing a Disruptor in to a wall. Thankfully, I can do more than that when my Bubbler charges.

The Tower appears around the corner and I hop on. The teal team are coming back, and as the ink starts flying in both directions I pop the Bubbler, which gets shared around. With my Bubbler, a squidmate's Kraken, and some good defence, we ride the Tower calmly to the goal. Woomy!

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