Doing my best in S-Rank Splat Zones (4-3, Grim Range Blaster)

28th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm slipping out of S Rank, for which I am grateful. Some times it can't come too soon, sometimes I feel mildly competent enough. Starting this battle makes me feel somewhat competent, even though the first splat is a lucky one. I follow it with a fairly decent splat, although that was more a fault of the yellow inkling staying in the same place.

I try to hold the Splat Zones as long as possible, but am soon caught off-guard. But look at that inkling's kit. I am simply not that invested in winning. I hold back cautiously when Echolocated, feeling too vulnerable, and almost waste a Killer Wail to prevent being flanked. That wouldn't be too bad, I suppose, if I didn't then head straight in to that inkling. I'd hoped the Killer Wail would shroud me enough.

Realistically, my aim let me down. Yeah, I'm still a bit inaccurate. I don't think it will improve much more, but that's okay. I come back heading directly to the Splat Zones. They need purple attention badly. I get a nice splat from above, and somehow am missed by the Inkzooka, who gets hit by my Killer Wail. That's not bad!

I help to neutralise the Splat Zones for a moment, but a yellow inkling easily closes the range, mostly because of the abundance of yellow ink, and splats me back to base. There's not really much I can do from there.

Not a great battle for me, but given the stats of my squidmates I seem to have done relatively well.

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