Seeker splats in Splat Zones (9-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Well, that Slosher wasn't the target of my Seeker, but I'm thankful he popped up there anyway. Right in the middle of the Splat Zone. Another Seeker just inks turf, which is fine, and the teal team are pushed back, allowing us to capture the Splat Zones. That's a good start.

I stumble in to the opposite Carbon Roller, who makes a roll for it, but I get my flick directed quickly enough. I feel confident now to push up a bit, but retreat as the Slosher sloshes in my direction. The Seeker doesn't find him, but I spot the trail in the ink just in time to splat the Luna Blaster.

I squid around and spy a teal inkling coming down the corridor. The jumping Seeker throw doesn't work, but thankfully I have enough ink left for a flick, just as the Carbon Roller appears in front of me. From there, a Seeker Rush bags me two more splats, which is just fabulous, until I finally squid myself on top of a nicely thrown Splat Bomb.

The teal team stop our counter, and start their own. That gives us a buffer, but our lead looks solid. So far, at least. I can't do much without ink to squid through, so I take my time and send Seekers out to help in my own little way. They add a minor threat, ink some turf, and charge my Seeker Rush, which does a whole lot more quickly.

I move up with the Seeker Rush, which splats another inkling for me, and find myself rather entwined with a couple of inklings. I'm happy to get out of it with another splat, rather than nothing, and we've recaptured the Splat Zones. That buffer is going down nicely.

I move up again, with all this turf to squid around in, but miss the Luna Blaster under my beak, who a squidmate saves me from. I try to flank the Inkzooka, but miss seeing the Slosher returning. So it goes. And it's fine, because the battle is won. Woomy!

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