Painting it purple in Splat Zones (5-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Starting on the right of the base sends me to the right corridor. And back to the left to help with the Splat Zone, as it turns out. I stick by the Splat Zone area for now, sending Seekers up the corridors to ink paths here and there for easier movement, whilst hanging back in case of incursion.

An incursion finally comes, and I flail chaotically at the Luna Blaster, and nearly run in to a Splat Bomb. Thankfully, a squidmate helps me out, and I send a Seeker ahead of her and turn to tidy up a bit. Then I push forwards. Another squidmate helps incidentally, by finding an Ink Mine I would no doubt have run in to, and the inkling who may have placed it does me a favour by running in to the first Seeker of my Rush.

With sufficient pressure applied, and some ink, we capture both Splat Zones. A Rapid Blaster soon shows us how much pressure they can apply, and the yellow Splat Zone is turned away from purple again. A bit of defence on my return doesn't go amiss, and I move up when all looks healthy.

I hide whilst my longer-range squidmates take care of some yellow pressure, but I spy the moment I can be useful, and splat an inkling on a nearby ledge. Retreating from the Luna Blaster keeps me unsplatted, but she can't follow me without losing the Splat Zone.

A bit of manoeuvring on my part, and some additional pressure from a squidmate, gets the Luna Blaster splatted, and another squidmate adds ink to the Splat Zone to capture that, and restart our counter.

There's not much more to be done, although getting one last splat on a desperately super-jumping inkling is a nice finish to the battle. Woomy!

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