Doing your best when down a squid in Splat Zones (7-4, Tri-slosher)

30th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a good and hectic start to the Splat Zones battle. We capture our Splat Zone, it comes under pressure, and the containers mean we don't know if the pressure is coming towards us or from the side. But neither do they. I like pushing up to splat the Squiffer, but am less amused by the Octoshot Replica shooting through the Inkstrike, but what can you do.

Worse, though, is that the inkling looking drowsy on our base disappears seconds later. Now we're 3 vs 4, which rarely fares well for the 3. Which includes me. Unsurprisingly, both Splat Zones turn blue pretty quickly, and trying to defend them becomes difficult when always outnumbered.

I quite like Port Mackerel for its options, though. The right raised corridor is often overlooked, as being rather useless. But I see its potential in leading where inklings don't look. As the blue team concentrate on our Splat Zone and the ledges above it, I manage to get behind them and to their Splat Zone.

A Disruptor helps me splat the one rearguard, and actually capture the blue Splat Zone. It doesn't do anything by itself but stop the other team's counter, but it is a small gesture of defiance in a battle where we're almost certainly going to lose. A squidmate comes up to join me, and we wreak a little havoc for a while, the Squiffer at least showing a bit too much confidence in their position.

I maybe make a mistake in retreating to our own Splat Zone, giving up the turf near the blue Splat Zone to let their team move around more freely, but mixing things up will at least keep the blue team on their toes. We're unlikely to capture both Splat Zones at once, but I'm not going to let the blue team get complacent in where they expect to be battling.

I head back up to the blue Splat Zone in the same spirit, but spot the Squiffer a little too late, and can't stop another slosh to get out of the way. Never mind, and at least she found a defensive position to deal with me this time.

And, with that, the battle is over. It's still a knockout victory for the blue team, but one that perhaps wasn't as straightforward as it could have been.

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