I'm not entirely sure what's happening in Splat Zones (13-4, Tri-slosher)

30th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I start on the right, so I head down the right. But I get splatted immediately so often for heading to the other Splat Zone that I sometimes try to be a bit more careful, so I turn towards our Splat Zone when I hit the main area. It's good that I do, because no one else looks to be pausing to capture it. Well, expect the Carbon Roller, who looks to flick the deciding ink because my bucket just isn't quick enough. At least she's here.

A bit of patrolling the lanes keeps our Splat Zone safe, and me, but a hit with a Disruptor urges me forwards. My Bubbler charges and is ready too, which helps, but I clearly am not following all the action as it occurs. Even when the Carbon Roller mis-times her flick, I am still caught out when my Bubbler actually dissipates.

Inking a secondary path to the Splat Zone for security seems like a good idea. All seems well, though. But not for long, as the yellow team surge forwards. I do my bit to keep the yellow inklings and ink away from the Splat Zone, even when I somehow forget what button does what, and reset my viewpoint by accident when a brush is bearing down on me.

Spurred on by this good result, I patrol a little and give chase to a Disrupted bucket. I find my target and get the splat, which puts me next to the yellow Splat Zone. I turn that purple, as it should be, before heading back towards our own, through an awful lot of yellow ink. I kinda see the Ink Mine, but my reactions just won't let me do anything about it. So it goes.

Some more patrolling is in order, and I follow the yellow ink around. I find myself in front of an Inkzooka without realising, the best way to be in front of one, and splat her before she does too much damage. Even so, as I push up the corridor to the yellow Splat Zone, the damage is done. Both Splat Zones are yellow. Well, I can capture one or the other, and I'm headed to one, so continue.

My Bubbler protects me from an Ink Mine, and the Rapid Blaster that owns the Ink Mine, and a bit of self-preservation instinct gets me away before my Bubbler runs out. I somehow turn the tables and splat the Rapid Blaster from my retreated position, and despite lacking ink, manage to recover enough to splat the Carbon Roller too. It's a shame the Slosher appears when it does.

Our Splat Zone seems safe when I pass it, and the sound I hear is the yellow one being neutralised. I join my squidmates in trying to capture it, getting a weirdly delayed Disruptor hit, but pretty immediate splatting from the Carbon Roller. It was her or the Rapid Blaster, I was not in a good position.

I'm glad for the ink trail I made earlier, although it seems our Splat Zone isn't quite as contested as the splat-cam suggested it might be. Not immediately, at least, but the threat is coming. The Rapid Blaster appears, and Bubblers, but a nice bit of manoeuvring gets me out of harm's way. As she looks in the wrong direction, I survive a bump by the Carbon Roller, and get just enough ink out of the bucket to splat the injured Rapid Blaster squidding past.

Again, I press high, hoping to capture the yellow Splat Zone as a more defiant gesture than capturing our own. I don't quite neutralise it, but push through to cause some irritation, which I think I achieve, before heading back to capture the Splat Zone properly. Just in time, too. I join a squidmate in pressing the corridors, her retreat handily masking my advance, and with the Slosher splatted I return to the Splat Zone to have the Rapid Blaster jump in to my way. Nice!

A little more ink ensures control of the Splat Zones remains mixed, so that, as the battle ends, there is no extra time, and we are the victors. Woomy!

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