Blast it all in Tower Control (11-6, Blaster)

31st July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Holding back a little doesn't get me in to much trouble to start with, which is a nice change, and I even get a good splat. All looks clear, so I ride the Tower, my squidmates coming along when they can, but even though I see the Splat Bomb and try to move away, I don't do quite enough. Still, we have the early lead, even if it is unlikely to stand.

My Killer Wail charges, and just as I aim a Splattshot tries to stop me. I get the Killer Wail going, but have to dodge one coming my way. Thank the Great Zapfish for Ink Resistance. And dodging to the side finds another inkling ripe for splatting. That worked out quite well.

The Tower is pushed forwards again, and I sit ahead of it, with a squidmate, applying some forward pressure. As her Killer Wail creates a channel, I squid in to it and get a nice lucky splat as a result. The Tower comes my way then, so I try to hop on, but the yellow inklings want to join in. A new Killer Wail is ready, but circumstances change by the time I activate it, and my indecision doesn't help with my chances of survival.

The yellow team get a go with the Tower, but an Inkstrike and a couple of Beakons don't get them too far. I toy with one inkling, who lasts quite a few blasts, and get a better hit on a second, which puts me next to the block leading behind the Tower's route. As it is going forwards, I decide to use the shortcut, seeing if another Killer Wail can channel the inklings towards my Blaster. Yes, but I can't aim well enough under pressure to do much about it. So it goes.

Our lead is extended further, which is good, and as the yellow team leave the Tower to make its own way back to the centre, I hop on to push it forwards again. But it's a decent ploy by the yellow team, one of whom has a Kraken ready to splat the sucker who jumps on the Tower in the centre and reclaim it for the yellow team.

The Tower remains contested around the centre of the map for a bit. I take the high ground to try to get behind the yellow team, hoping the Tower doesn't get away from me as I do this, and thankfully I get a splat and back to the centre without the Tower straying too far. I hop on and start another push, as much to keep it out of yellow tentacles as to try to extend our lead.

I get knocked off the Tower, but, as planned, the Tower is in yellow territory, and time is running low. Despite the yellow inklings trying to clamber over the Tower as the clock ticks down, it is contested enough for the battle not to enter extra time. The battle is won! Woomy!

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