Mixing up the splats in Tower Control (9-4, Fresh Squiffer)

31st July 2017 – 7.00 am

Look at all that rapid shooting capability on the other side. I fear for my mostly untested lack of ability with the Fresh Squiffer, but nu kör vi! And here we do go, with a sweet first splat against a squid flat on the Tower. To be honest, having the Tower to aim for, at least some of the time, is why I'm trying the Squiffer again now. The second splat, also aiming at the Tower, certainly boosts my confidence a little more.

I'm not just going to be sticking to the back, though. I like being active, and the relatively short range of the Squiffer should push me to the action. I ride the Tower at the first opportunity, and even though I have to dive off pretty quickly, I get a nifty splat with a Suction Bomb.

The Tower leaves me behind, but my Kraken charges and I spy viable targets. I've not been a Kraken for ages, and really don't have much idea how to use it, beyond remembering how other Krakens splat me. Maybe I wait too long on the super-jumping ring, rather than squidding away and back, but two splats isn't a bad result for not knowing what I'm doing.

Back to the Tower, or maybe not. The purple team claim it, so I drop back. The inflatable blocks my view, but also the view of the inkling. I get the luxury of two shots at the Tower, the second being spot on, for another splat. The short range is probably helping my aim, even if it makes the Squiffer more dangerous.

I get two more splats as the purple team push the Tower, and move to reclaim it for our team. It works well as a team effort, and although the inklings are cleared before my Kraken can reach them, the Tower keeps moving and we take the lead. Nice! I get a bit too confident and push higher, and the Tower doesn't quite follow. The purple team are coming from two directions, and it's effective at least in getting me caught in a pincer of purple ink.

Getting back to base finds we've had an intruder. It's wise to clear up after them, and as most of us have been splatted we make that a team effort too. Meanwhile, the Tower heads towards us. Our lead is still intact, at least, but I get my feet mixed up and can't squid away from a Splat Bomb. My Suction Bomb does it's job, though, but the purple team haven't been stopped yet.

Our lead is lost, and the intruder is back to cause more disruption. It's quite effective, particularly with a Kraken under his hat. I may dodge the Kraken, but my Suction Bomb throw misses the Tower, and I am under a lot of purple ink pretty quickly from a coordinated advance.

There's little I can do but watch the Tower trundle on towards its goal. Never mind, it has been a fun little battle with the Fresh Squiffer. I could get used to it.

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