Hitting the sides in Tower Control (13-6, Tri-slosher)

1st August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I make a beeline for the shortcut behind the blue team, but hitting their flank apparently isn't enough for me this battle. Instead, I work my way right around the back, to hit them from as far back as I can. I'm actually noticed as I approach, though, but I just about slosh a bit better than the other bucket.

I'm hoping my squidmates are taking care of the Tower, and they seem to be, so I stick around the top. A bit of hopping here and there gets be behind a Splash Wall, and my Bubbler stops my getting sloshed, and by that point I have probably outstayed my welcome. I go to see what my squidmates are up to. Pushing the Tower. Good show!

I hop around the top and try a different side route. It doesn't do a bad job, but I appear at about the same time as the Tower and get caught up in the ink flying around. I hit the side on my return, as the blue team push the Tower, which lets me splat the Inkzooka, and just about splat the Mini Splatling, and help recover the Tower.

A Disruptor slows down one threat, my Bubbler keeps me safe, and a bit of dodging gets me to the side of two inklings, but not quite safe enough to survive as well. And I had to hop off the Tower to do it, but my squidmates are on it quickly enough, and provide a super-jump target. Mind you, that just lets me get splatted a bit more quickly, as I can't quite squid upwards quicker than a Carbon Roller can flick.

I choose another side route, and hope to drop down on some unsuspecting inklings. I get my timing badly wrong this time, and face three Bubblered inklings, one of whom has an Inkzooka firing my way. Oops. My squidmates reclaim the Tower, at least. That's good, and lets me hit the centre of the map more quickly, inking turf yellow, and somehow avoiding the Carbon Roller just in time to hitch a lift with the Tower.

One inkling stays on the Tower, the rest of us skirmish. That means our Roller has to hop over a Splash Wall, which he does a good job of, and I miss an inkling. That's not so bad, really, as the Tower has changed tentacles and is heading backwards, so my forced retreat is necessary. Running in to the Tri-slosher doesn't go as well as the other times, though, and I don't stop the Tower from behind.

Maybe I can still stop the Tower from behind. Not really, as my squidmates do that before I reach it, although I prevent one inkling from contesting control. I spy a line of ink that looks suspicious, but it occurs to me now that it was probably from an Inkzooka. If I hadn't covered that ink, would I still have been splatted by the Carbon Roller? Probably.

Few seconds remain, and the blue team make one last, concerted push. We need to get out of the way of the Inkzooka, but that lets us avoid the Splash Wall and hit their flank. A splat here, a splat there, but still the blue team push.

The blue team are super-jumping in to keep the Tower moving, but with just as much yellow ink flying around, it is simply not enough. Woomy!

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