Forward support in Tower Control (8-2, Tri-slosher)

2nd August 2017 – 7.00 am

Well, my trip around the back to surprise the E-litre 3K goes better than expected. The other inkling was a surprise to the both of us, and my Bubbler charges just in time to repel a third inkling. Very nice indeed. I back off from there, not wanting to be too annoying, as my squidmates tussle over the actual Tower.

The Tower starts moving forwards again, so I do too, looking to find source of purple ink and splatting them. One I find easily, the other kinda finds me, but as she's the E-litre 3K she's a bit more reluctant to engage me directly. My bucket prevails soon enough. I make another minor retreat, as does the Tower, but mine's a feint.

I head around the side, and surprise one inkling so much he jumps over me. My Bubbler keeps me safe, super-jumping away keeps him safe, so I go looking for the Tower. I spy an inkling causing problems, but they are problems I can't quite stop.

I indulge myself with some messing around in the middle of the Heights, as my squidmates keep dealing with the Tower, and try to keep the E-litre 3K on her toes. I get closer to try to be more of a distraction, which works, but without splats I have to retreat for a bit. That keeps me safe for a little longer, and my return at least supports the Tower.

We're almost there, making a super-jump look appealing. It looks less appealing as soon as I start the jump, as the Tower heads backwards, and looks very purple as I come in to land. But somehow I get a splat and help recover the Tower.

As a squidmate rides the Tower ahead, I squid around and in front, looking to provide some support, but none is needed. I think I can be a bit cheeky and hop on the Tower as it reaches the goal. Woomy!

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