Small victories in Splat Zones (5-6, Fresh Squiffer)

3rd August 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still not particularly effective with the Squiffer, but I kinda like it's potential in the right tentacles. As I am still learning, rather than dwell on all the mistakes I make, I think it's good to look at the little things I get right.

Despite the Splat Zones being purple, I don't rush down an obviously occupied corridor to get splatted too easily. I take my time, and make my move when I have the advantage of a charged Kraken. Splatting two inklings on top of each other is a nice bonus.

Krakening across the Splat Zones helps neutralise them, and the Splatterscope on the other side seems a bit panicked. I take advantage of the Squiffer's quick charge to get a point blank splat.

My jump-and-throw drops me down at the wrong point, but I escape it without hitting the water, and survive longer than I really should have. Suction Bombs are quite thirsty for ink, though. It's good that we take the lead too.

I don't manage to splat the hopping inkling, but I manage to hold my range and force his mistake. I try to use my Kraken effectively by pushing through the purple Splat Zone, and just miss a decent splat. I am then outdrawn by the Splatterscope, but not by much.

My aim is just a little off when I push in to purple territory and see a squid coming my way, but I destroy a Sprinkler quickly on my return. Not too impressive, but effective. Better still, I splat the Inkzooka inside a Killer Wail with one shot. Nice!

I squid out of the way of a dangerously close Killer Wail. The Splat Zones are contested again, which makes for an interesting battle, but being in a crossfire makes me uncomfortable. I Kraken my way out of it, and head around the side to reduce the crossfire by one.

My Suction Bombs across the Mall frustrates a purple inkling or two for a short while, before the Splatterscope shows me that I'm a bit vulnerable. In the end we just about lose to a knockout, but I think we put up a jolly good battle.

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