Top cooperation in Splat Zones (5-2, Tri-slosher)

4th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

My squidmate does all the good moves down the side channel at the start of this battle. Maybe I'm a minor distraction, helping her get the splats, but she gets the splats. They all count! She pushes higher, as I cross the bridge. I get one splat of my own, but am soon overwhelmed, and without the footwork to keep me safe.

I keep the inklings busy for long enough for our other squids to capture the purple Splat Zone, starting our counter. It's stopped before long, but we have the lead, and I super-jump to our Octoshot, still sitting almost on top of the purple base.

I sit and watch, gauging the situation, as she dives ahead of me. That's cool, and I hold for a moment longer, spying a purple inkling aiming for her. My Disruptor misses, so I don't prevent her splatting, but I get revenge, and dodge nicely around some sloshing to get a second splat nearer the Splat Zone, whilst another squidmate Krakens through the Splat Zone for a splat and to neutralise it.

Both Splat Zones are ours again, and we have squids in good positions. I super-jump to one, and start sloshing my ink around. An Inkstrike forces me to move, which turns out to be a good thing, as I bump in to a Dual Squelcher looking to avoid attention. We hold our positions well, even with a minor retreat from a Suction Bomb Rush, before pushing forwards as our counter gets close to the knockout victory.

Kraken and Bubbler pose problems for the purple team, and the battle looks won. I give a victory 'Nice!', which turns out to be a bit soon again, as an inkling has sneaked around the side and has captured our Splat Zone. Good work, inkling. Two of us stay where we are, as we mustn't lose the purple Splat Zone, as our other two fend off the inklings and turn the Splat Zone green again.

One squidmate goes chasing purple inklings, leaving our Splat Zone tantalisingly green, but our last follows behind to turn it fully green. A last-second purple Inkstrike simply isn't quick enough to do anything now. Woomy!

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