Behind the lines in Splat Zones (8-2, Tri-slosher)

5th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I see that inkling coming towards the ramp. If I had known it was the Luna Blaster maybe I'd have turned away, but so it goes. The other way may suit me better, but sneaking up on inklings whilst Echolocated isn't as easy as it could be. I should think about my Cold-blooded t-shirt again.

We have an interloper! A squidmate deals with them, but the green ink keeps coming. We have another interloper! Thankfully, their aim is slightly off, letting me stay unsplatted for an unfamiliar amount of time. What can I do with myself?

I ink the other side of the ramp, just so we can better see if an inkling tries to come around behind us, before getting some height, taking two attempts to get it right, and sloshing the Splat Zones. My sloshing finds one inkling aiming for me, and another below I had no idea was there.

Another inkling is persuaded to stop being where she is, which I would like to attribute to my Disruptor, but the Inkzooka is perhaps the more credible threat. My sloshing can't reach where I want it to from here, so I head all the way around the back instead. I am just about in position when I am Echolocated again, somewhat ruining the surprise I had planned. Luckily, my Bubbler serves roughly the same purpose.

I turn back on a whim, happily finding another inkling behind me, and head around to cover up the path to the ramp. Some green ink chases me, but with a bit of use of the landscape, I just about keep my integrity. I lose it a little when my attempt to return to the Splat Zones fails, in view of the splat-cam, but I simply pretend that I intended to make another patrol around the back.

I don't see any more inklings, despite my proximity to the base, But I won't complain, given that it's because the battle ends as a knockout victory in our favour. Woomy!

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