Last-ditch assault on the Splat Zones (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I've thrown better Seekers in Port Mackerel, but at least my squidmate covers my error, and we both cover our Splat Zone. A bit of patrolling looks to go well, but the teal team make a coordinated push and throw enough ink everywhere to cause problems and capture both Splat Zones.

It's great to see the other side route has been inked, to give us a sneaky route up to the teal Splat Zone, and I follow the orange trail to add my ink. We neutralise the Splat Zone, apply a bit of forward ink, and return to capture it. And our squidmates have successfully defended behind us, so that we soon control both Splat Zones and start our own counter.

The Splat Zones are contested again quickly, which requires more patrolling rather than big, obvious moves. So, naturally, when I try to make my big move, the Carbon Roller splats me emphatically. At least I have the joy of super-jumping in tandem on my return. We kinda get in each other's way a bit, though, and it's only getting splatted that thins us out. So it goes.

The right corridor looks like a good option again, another Beakon making the trip quicker, and, with some caution, I approach the teal Splat Zone. I seem to be holding my own for a bit, Seeker Rush helping, until, once more, the Carbon Roller gets behind me. Damn, they are some sneaky buggers. I nearly catch him, after a different inkling mis-times my Seeker, but he turns away from me and runs away from my flicked ink. I should try that.

I trade splats with the Carbon Roller near their Splat Zone, which may be the best I can hope for, and a rather reckless super-jump to a forward Beakon reminds me that there is also a Carbon Roller Deco on the teal team. It's a wonder we're not being splatted more often. I get another fun double super-jump, though.

Both Splat Zones are teal with less than thirty seconds to go, which doesn't bode well. At least we recapture our Splat Zone quickly, but there's not enough time to dilly dally any more. I send a Seeker up the corridor and squid right behind it, the Seeker itself thankfully discouraging an orange inkling from shooting its trail. I move further along than the inkling suspects, get the splat, and wait for the super-jumper.

From there, the Splat Zone. I get the upper-tentacle on one of the Carbon Rollers, whose splat puddle helpfully captures the Splat Zone for us. Nice! I try to defend against multiple inklings as help super-jumps in, and even though I'm splatted away I don't taint the Splat Zone too much with teal ink, and my squidmates turn up in time to keep everything orange.

My squidmates' arrival and assault is just what was needed. Before I even get a chance to return to the battle, extra time ends as we snatch the lead and take the victory. Woomy!

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