One-minute Splat Zones (3-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Sticking around our side of the Splat Zones seems like a solid opening gambit, and we keep things a nice green for a while. But that Kelp Splatterscope on the perch looks menacing to me. Maybe I can do something about it.

Normally, I'd head down the side, along the corridor where I can't be seen. But the direct way looks clear, and it would be quicker. A Seeker speeds me up a bit, and another, more opportunistic Seeker towards the base is just a bit cheeky, more so when it gets a splat.

I need to recover some ink, so it helps that I got the splat to cover my back. Or maybe if I hadn't launched the Seeker, I would still have ink to roll on. Either way, things work out, mostly when a squidmate's Inkstrike lands to cover me.

I push on to the perch, where I don't see the Splatterscope, but I do see a super-jumping ring. That's a good target, and it becomes an even better target when the Splatterscope wanders backwards on to it. A couple of flicks gets a couple of splats. Nice!

All is going swimmingly. The Splat Zones are green, our counter is ticking down nicely, and I have a Seeker Rush to play with. It's a bit of a shame that the battle ends there.

With the clock just past the minute mark, I am assuming the host got distracted whilst waiting in the lobby. And with one inkling down, it's no surprise the blue team were struggling to compete. So it goes.

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